Rumplo is back!

by Andy on March 23, 2011

rumplo is back!

When I found out that Rumplo was being sold by the original owners I got a bit excited, firstly because I loved the site when it was running and would be glad to see it back. Secondly, I had hoped that I might be the one that eventually bought it, but apparently running a moderately popular blog doesn’t earn enough to buy a site that was getting more than a million pageviews a month at it’s peak, who’d have guessed!

My evident bitterness aside at not having yet another site that I can let languish in my protofolio, Rumplo is back, and that’s a damn good thing. There haven’t been any major changes made to the site since it’s takeover by a group of Australians, beyond fixing up the database and working out a few bugs. Whilst it’s not necessarily needed, there is a redesign in the works, which is hardly surprising considering that the site looks very similar to when it was launched 3 years ago.

Obviously after such a long period of downtime the range of t-shirts in the database will have suffered a bit. There has been almost a year without tees being submitted, and you have to think that quite a lot of the shirts that were already in the database may no longer be available at the shops that sold them. I think in a few months that will be less of an issue as people start visiting and submitting again, so hopefully it will once again become a great resource for tee hunters.

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