Kalimizoo relaunches brand with spring release [Submitted]

by Mike Klok on March 28, 2011

Kalimizoo started as one locally inspired t-shirt. It was just a fun little hobby. I sold shirts to friends and friends of friends, putting a little extra money in my pocket. Through word of mouth, Kalimizoo grew into something much bigger. I have now spent the last year focusing on designs that will appeal to people in any geographic region. Whether someone is in Michigan, Florida, Arizona, or Washington, I want them to connect with what my shirts have to say.

“Kalimizoo’s mission is to promote unique thought through simple, clean designs. Our passion lies in inspiring others to look deep within themselves and discover more. To accomplish this, every effort is made in producing quality products and providing stellar customer service.”

Great type-based designs have shapes, curves, lines, and patterns that appeal to me in a way that no longer feels like reading words, but as if I’m looking at art. These impressions are what I hope to continue passing on through each of my own designs.

HYA readers can use the code “HYA10” for 10% off their order. Thanks Andy and everyone who checks out the site.


[Andy: Thanks for the submission Mike, good to have you back!]

This post was submitted by Mike Klok.

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