Cool concept, a t-shirt tag that melts in the wash

by Andy on March 29, 2011

melt tag

Apparently, some t-shirt tags say that you should wash a t-shirt before wearing it. I can safely say that I’ve never done this, not only does it seem like a waste of time, energy and resources, I actually love the way that a new t-shirt feels and smells when you put it on. The vast majority of the tees I receive don’t smell like chemicals, so I don’t really buy that argument but it doesn’t really stop me thinking that this concept is very cool.

The idea is that since ‘so many’ companies request you wash a t-shirt before wearing it, that this shirt comes with the washing powder already attached to it as the tag, and when you wash the t-shirt (on it’s own, presumably, since the detergent will only be enough for 1 shirt)the tag just melts away. Clearly, it has some flaws, but it does make you tilt your head a bit and go, “hey, that’s cool.”


  • Hammy Havoc

    Very neat idea, especially with the washing powder.

  • liber

    I’m sorry, but the wasted water and energy (likely generated by pollution-belching coal-fired power plants) from washing the t-shirt before you wear it more than exceeds the environmental damage associated with the square-inch piece of paper a tag takes. This shirt may be a cool gimmick, but it’s not very environmentally friendly.

  • Andy

    Agreed liber, it’s a fun idea and that’s why I posted it, but the environmental impact is fairly ridiculous, thankfully it is jsut a concept at the moment.

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