PalmerCash have raised $15,000 for Japanese Relief Efforts!

by Andy on April 7, 2011

palmercash japanese charity tees

This is really incredible stuff, I’m very impressed. PalmerCash released some of the coolest looking Japanese Relief tees that have come onto the market since the tragedy last month, designs that you’d want to wear whether they supported a charity or not (which I think is key to getting people to buy them), and they have raised a whopping $15,000 which is going straight to the Japanese Red Cross. They still have a few of the tees left is you want to contribute and buy some sweet tees at the same time.

By contrast, my little promotion of giving 50% of poster sales to charity has resulted in a £17 donation to the Red Cross which I have round up to £20 because I’m really not going to miss £3 compared to someone that’s living in a school gymnasium. Clearly my figure seems insignificant when you put it next to that of Palmer Cash or other people like Seibei (David raised $1000 with his relief tee, way to go!), but I’m still proud that we were able to do something and help even if it only helps a couple of people.

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