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by Andy on April 12, 2011

Welcome back to the blog roundup by Hide Your Arms where we like to bring you links to other high quality t-shirt blog posts that you might have missed. This time though I want to highlight one subject in particular: blog posts to help t-shirt designers and indie t-shirt lines with advice and resources. With more and more people designing their own t-shirts and launching their own lines such a topic has never seemed more relevant. So here they are, five great blog posts that should serve you as excellent resources in the past couple of weeks.

Lowdtown Secrets to Social Media

How to Gain a Twitter and Facebook Following by Lowdtown

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, and a very dark, deep cave at that, you’re undoubtedly aware of the potential for exposure and promotion that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook offer to their users. However, as with all things in life there’s a wrong way and a right way to do something and this post from LDTN provides some excellent advice on the right way to do things.

Winkyboo What Would You Do

What Would You Do Differently in Starting Your Clothing Company by Winkyboo

As the old expression goes, “hindsight is twenty-twenty.” I think we’ve all been in a position in which, after the fact, we’ve wished we could go back and give our past selves some advice about how to proceed. Obviously of course we can’t, but thanks to this post by Winkyboo about “What would you do differently in starting your clothing company” at least the newer generations of t-shirt company founders can benefit from the wisdom of experience.

Vectortuts Print Promotions

13 Illustrator Tutorials for Creating Successful Print Self Promotions by Vectortuts

In this awesome tutorial post from Vector Tuts, readers are given 13 Illustrator based tutorials on how to create various print forms of self promotion. We’re definitely living in the electronic age and sure enough there is typically a strong focus on electronic based promotion, but rest assured the print versions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and this post is awesome in helping readers tap into its potential.

Vandelay How To Facebook Pages

21 Resources for Effective Facebook Fan Pages by Vandelay Design

Now back to social media. The LDTN post was great for offering tips for promoting yourself on Facebook and Twitter, but this Vandelay Design post takes things one step further by focusing on Facebook, specifically on 21 resoucres for creating effective Facebook Fan Pages. There are a ton of different sites out there that users create these pages, get the lowdown on them from this post!

You The Designer Vector Roundup

30 Free Vector Graphics for Your Daily Needs via You The Designer

Now that we’ve covered the promotions and advice side of things it’s time to focus on actual tools to help you create awesome designs and graphics. This post from You The Designer does just that by hooking readers up with 30 amazing sets of FREE vector graphics! There’s some really great stuff here in a wide range of categories. Don’t miss this.

So there you have, five awesome blog posts to help designers and indie t-shirt lines. Make sure you leave feedback if you’ve found these posts informative and helpful. If you know of other great resources and helpful information please let us know that as well!

This article was guest written by Blake, a t shirt designer at You Design It.

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