Internal Error By Origin68 [Submitted]

by matt on April 14, 2011

Prince once blamed it on something in the water, messing with his computeé shizzle, but we know pretty much anything can throw a spanner in the pipes causing a massive internal errors.

Saying all that it’s not just those damn computers that have internal error’s, us humans are perfectly capable of having our own internal meltdowns too.

We’re pleased to say that Mr Melvin Galapon has crafted this shirt, a homage to the error. Our legal eagle, Eddie, recommended a legal disclaimer, so this shirt comes with a special Origin68 public health warning… we will not be held liable if you stare at this one for any longer than 6.8 seconds. It has be known to melt eyes/minds, sofas and small reptiles.

[Andy: I’m just going to put this out there, I think that Origin68 produce some of the best design of any brand in the UK. Don’t agree? Tell me who you think is better.]

This post was submitted by matt.

  • matt

    Wow! Thanks for the comment Andy. That means alot.

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