Logo Tri-blend now on pre-order!

by Andy on April 15, 2011

Hide Your Arms tri-blend mockup

A couple of hours ago I put the new HYA logo outline tri-blend t-shirt into the HYA store for pre-order, mega yay!

I expect the shirts to arrive at Hide Your Arms HQ and be shipping by the end of the month (barring any hold ups), so if you want to make sure you get one put your order in now. I’ve only ordered 30 or this shirt, and I’m having one, and my girlfriend will be having one, and I’ve already had a couple of pre-orders from friends, so that’s got us down to 26 shirts left already, factor in that those 26 are split across 5 different sizes and it’s pretty clear that stock will run low on certain sizes pretty soon (especially XXL, only 2 of them are being produced). Is that enough hype for you? If so, I suggest that you suspend all brain functions, especially the ones related to rational thought, head over the the tri-blend pre-order page and make your purchase as soon as possible.

The tees are £16 + shipping at the moment (rising to £18 + shipping after the pre-order phase) and you can save yourself at further 10% by using the coupon code TRIBLENDISMYBLEND which is good for 10% off anything in the store, not just the pre-order tri-blend. The shirts are American Apparel TR401 tri-blends in athletic grey with a soft dark grey print for the logo. As ever all orders will be shipped out by Royal Mail 1st class post, and each package will include one free pin badge, one free die cut sticker, and probably a small packet of Haribo so that you get a sugar high, making you more excited about your purchase than you probably should be.

Obviously I don’t have it in hand to say how awesome it is, but I have a really good feeling about this shirt, mostly because I know it will feel amazing because it’s very hard to go wrong with a tri-blend and I know that the colourway is going to work really well.

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