Meinmyplace t-shirts, genius!

by Andy on April 23, 2011

me in my place t-shirt

If I said “Me in my place” to you guys, I suspect that half of you you have no idea what I’m talking about, and half of you would (this presumes that half of the people reading HYA are women). Me In My Place is a blog (on Tumblr, of course, kind of NSFW, of course) wherein a photographer takes pictures of hot women in their own homes. As anyone who has been on the internet for more than 5 minutes will know, this isn’t an entirely unique idea for a website, but the difference here is that the photographer is good and professional, every so often he (it’s anonymous, but I presume it is a he) takes picture of a celebrity in their underwear, and every so often that gets featured in Esquire magazine.

It was pointed out to me that Me In My Place now sells a t-shirt (via the old school method of e-mailing in your order!), which gave me the perfect excuse to post about something that would typically be posted by Hot Girls Wearing T-shirts.

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