Akumu Ink have got some sweet new packaging

by Andy on April 29, 2011

akumu ink packaging

My buddies over at Akumu Ink are industrious fellows, they’ve been busy recently, but so have I so I haven’t managed to cover everything they’ve been up to, but I really like this idea they’ve had for their packaging so I just had to share it. I’ll let Aldora (Mrs. Akumu Ink) explain:

We’ve just came up with a new packaging that features a new wax seal with Akumu Ink in its Japanese characters. We want to make it a great experience for our customers when they receive the package; Hence: -> open the shipping package to find a stained envelope addressed to “My Dearly Departed” -> turn the package to open it, to find a wax seal -> open the wax seal -> to find the shirts they’ve ordered.

The great part about the wax seal is that in the end, they get to keep it whole, because it doesn’t fall apart, so it would be a great safe-keeping.

Pretty cool huh? It should probably be noted that you’ll only get this special packaging if you order 2 or more shirts. It’s good to see brands doing stuff like this with their packaging, because it helps to round out the brand as a whole and also make the purchasing experience much more enjoyable and memorable. As someone that gets sent a lot of t-shirts in the mail I am also happy to see a shirt just sliding out of a poly mailer or a thick paper envelope, but when people put in that bit of extra effort it does make it all a bit more exciting, and I’d be likely to tell people about it the purchase as well, so it’s probably a good marketing tool too.

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