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April 2011

For one week only, Fifth Fundamental will be offering it’s next 3 design releases at a discounted pre-order price. Be warned, these pre-order specials are very limited in size and quantity (20 total pre-orders will be allotted for each design), so you might not want to miss out on this. Ordering ends on May 1st and orders will begin shipping on May 16th. Check them out at!!!

[Andy: Those designs aren’t really my kind of thing, but I would be willing to bet that I’d change my mind when I saw the real thing rather than a mockup, but that of course is the problem with pre-orders, it will always be a mock.]

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johnny cupcakes interview

Whenever you hear people starting their t-shirt line talk about who inspired them, it usually doesn’t take long before the name Johnny Cupcakes comes up, so I thought you guys might like to see this interview with the Willy Wonka of the t-shirt world. Frankly, it doesn’t cover much new ground for people that have followed Johnny for a while, but it is a good interview all the same.

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chewbacca star wars t-shirt

Just when you think that people have run out of new Star Wars ideas, bam, someone turns Chewbacca emo.

Costiness=€22 Buy it at A Better Tomorrow


street casuals coupon code

From now until midnight (GMT) on May 2nd you can get 20% off non-sale items at Street Casuals with the coupon code SC02. They’ve got some great streetwear items coming in all the time, which is often something that’s a bit tough for us Brits to get hold of, so it might be a good idea to taker advantage of this quick sale.


Coupon code for Mother’s Day at Poketo

by Andy on April 26, 2011

poketo coupon code

Poketo released some new apparel a few weeks ago that I’ll probably never get around to posting about, but this coupon code is a little more time sensitive so I thought I’d better mention it. They say it’s for (American) Mother’s Day, but I’m fiarly sure they won’t be checking up on you if you just want to buy yourself something. Use the coupon code ILOVEMOM from now until April 29th to receive 10% off your order.


Hadouken, the London based dance act, recently launched the first items of their “House of Rawkus” clothing line. Inspired by other musician-turned-label-owners like Travis Barker and Pharrell Williams and keen to experiment free from the constrains of traditional band merchandising they have promised a range of high quality garments designed by the band themselves and their favorite up and coming artists.
At present there are three designs available in a range of colors and the range will be expanding with new designs released every month.
The label is based in London but ships worldwide.

[Andy: You know what’s cool about this submission? It’s written by the guitarist of a band I’ve actually heard of (and am listening to as I type this), not by some PR guy, though I suppose the hypothetical PR person could have just put Hadouken’s guitarist’s name on the submission, but I doubt that’s the case.]

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hideyourarms t-shirt

One of the things that I really get a kick out of is seeing people happy with the stuff from the HYA store that they have received, so I thought I’d show off the two latest images sent my way from happy customers. The headless lady at the top of this post is my buddy Meghan that was an intern at the same company as me when I was in Philly. See that thumbs up? It means she likes it! There are still a few ladies HYA tees available in various sizes, whereas the fellas only have the option of large left, and even then in very low numbers. I wish I could have another print run of them done but I just don’t think that there is the demand. Hopefully I’ll be able to share pictures of the new HYA shirt soon!

The lower photo is of one of the logo poster prints that I launched about a month ago. The photo comes in from Mercedes, or as you may know her, Yema Yema. It’s cool because it’s the first time I’ve seen one of them actually framed and on a wall (my set is framed, but the cheap frames I got off eBay aren’t suitable for hanging, always check eBay descriptions!). If you’re wondering, the other print comes from Sock Monkee and appears to only be available in this bundle.

I think I’m going to make this my last post until Tuesday (Britain is on holiday for the long Easter weekend, so why shouldn’t I be?). Here’s a few bits for me to nag you about before you go and enjoy the weekend too:

If you haven’t done it yet, check out ShirtDeck and post your t-shirt coupon codes (all submissions are instantly placed on the site and tweeted by @shirtdeck), it’s going along quite nicely, the database is slowly growing with coupon codes for all your favourite shops and probably some you’ve never heard of too.

Join more than 2,500 other and follow me on Twitter, this weekend I mostly expect to be complaining about traffic on Britain’s roads, how awesome my homemade ginger beer is, and maybe something about t-shirts (on a non-holiday weekend it’s mostly tees though). I’m not exactly a member of #teamfollowback but if your tweets look interesting (and English, I have nothing against foreigners, but there’s not much point me following what I can’t read) then I’ll probably follow you back.

Help inflate my ego by liking Hide Your Arms on Facebook. I post less than once a day pointing out cool HYA posts and other people’s work, so I’m not spamming you, because I hate it when brand’s over-post too.

Hide Your Arms advertising will be switching over to BuySellAds over the next couple of weeks. This will mean nothing to most of you looking at the site, the ad blocks and sizes won’t be changing, but maybe there will be new people filling them as BSA provides a much simpler platform for buying ad space than the current model that was quite time and labour intensive for me as I did it all myself. The upshot as a reader is that the site should be snappier as it will no longer be serving 25,000 ads per day, and that I should have more time to write blog posts because I will be spending less time on the advertising side of things. When it’s all setup and ready I’ll let you know so that clothing companies can check out the rates and maybe take some of the ad space or put their name on the waiting list.

Have a great weekend!


Spring CleaningSale!

by Ryan Kovach on April 23, 2011

beau clothing spring sale

Our first line of shirts has been pretty successful and in order to make room for our new batch of tees we are putting everything in our store on sale! We print on American Apparel shirts so everything comes with high quality. Shirts are on sale now for just $11 bucks!
Head on over to our store, .
And don’t be afraid to follow the social mediums as well!

[Andy: Thanks for the submission!]

This post was submitted by Ryan Kovach.


Meinmyplace t-shirts, genius!

by Andy on April 23, 2011

me in my place t-shirt

If I said “Me in my place” to you guys, I suspect that half of you you have no idea what I’m talking about, and half of you would (this presumes that half of the people reading HYA are women). Me In My Place is a blog (on Tumblr, of course, kind of NSFW, of course) wherein a photographer takes pictures of hot women in their own homes. As anyone who has been on the internet for more than 5 minutes will know, this isn’t an entirely unique idea for a website, but the difference here is that the photographer is good and professional, every so often he (it’s anonymous, but I presume it is a he) takes picture of a celebrity in their underwear, and every so often that gets featured in Esquire magazine.

It was pointed out to me that Me In My Place now sells a t-shirt (via the old school method of e-mailing in your order!), which gave me the perfect excuse to post about something that would typically be posted by Hot Girls Wearing T-shirts.


Not even a year into a business and we at Winky Boo decided to release another new design to add to the collection, THOR. With the new movie Thor dropping early May, why not right?

It was our first attempt at printing on the super comfy American Apparel Tri-Blend and it’s going fast with only a few remaining in each size. THOR comes in tri-cranberry and is priced at $18.00; so you can embrace your inner superhero and not break the bank!

[Andy: Thanks for the submission!]

This post was submitted by Amy .


garbage pail kids t-shirt by yes no maybe

I’m pretty sure that as a 26 year old person I should be old enough to remember who/what the Garbage Pail Kids are/were, but to be honest I have no recollection beyond the actual name. Still, that doesn’t stop me from being impressed that Yes No Maybe got John Pound (who did the original Garbage Pail Kids artwork) to create this t-shirt design for them. Like I said, I have no recollection of GPK, but I would assume that this shirt is going to bring out a lot of nostalgia in the over-25 section of the readership.

Costiness=£28.99 Buy it at Yes No Maybe


tattoo t-shirt

I’m not usually a fan of tattoo-based designs, but I think that this shirt by a tattoo artists called Nyoman Buch from Bali has a lot more appeal than something like an Affliction or Ed Hardy kind of tattoo tee. Agreed?

Costiness€27.50 Buy it at Death Fresh Clothing


a better tomorrow reprints

I’ve been more and more impressed by A Better Tomorrow recently, they seem to be dealing exclusively in releasing cool designs, but these reprints this addiction to good design isn’t exactly a new development. Now, if only they had an English language website I’d be all set.


small pull for store Submit Your News!
janelle store Submit Your News!

Vainglorious Clothing Co. released their first tee April 15th and the stock is selling FAST! Use promo code “vaingang” for 10% off at checkout. Check out The Look Book Here! Summer Range Is Coming June 1st with 12 Brand new Items. Be Sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the latest promo’s and things going on with the #vaingang. Follow Us On Twitter @stayvain !

[Andy: Sure, I let these guys submit a post earlier in the week too, but they’ve got a cool tee so I think we can deal with that.]

This post was submitted by Chaz Markley.


omunky charity drive

OMUNKY are well-known for their organic tees with animals on them, and that they give 5% of all sales to Wild Aid, a charity which as you can probably imagine, does a lot to help wild animals (a quick look at their homepage suggests they really don’t like shark fin soup). Rick, the guy behind Omunky, thought that for Earth Day (which is today) it would be a good idea to try something different, and is going to be giving a whopping 50% of his profits to Global Giving’s Japanese Earthquake fund. I’ve noticed that less Japan related charity promos have been coming my way recently, I don’t think that means people have forgotten, the response of the creative community to the disaster was pretty incredible, but it’s still good to see people like Rick trying to do their part after the media has moved on to the latest horrible thing happening in the world.


St. Liberty came out with new stuff this week, the best of which is the Jim Thorpe warm up henley. Just in time for the playoffs! Code HIDE10 will get you 10% off!

[Andy: As an Englishman, I can’t help but think who the hell is Jim Thorpe? This guy? I hope so because he’s got a really interesting story.

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mysoti price rises

MySoti certainly are the ‘little engine that could’ of the POD world, it feels as if they face a new challenge or problem every day, but they face up to it, convey the problems to their fans and users honestly and work hard at fixing things, and it’s that honesty that makes me really want them to do well.

Last week MySoti sent out a newsletter warning that price rises would be coming, not because they want to gold-plate their G6, but because with cotton prices going through the roof everyone is having to pay more for blanks. I had expected some massive rises that would make them a completely nonviable option for people that use MySoti. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case, by the sounds of it the rises have led to MySoti squeezing their margins, but at least they’ll be able to remain competitive. Here are the changes:

* Was £14.00 – Now £14.50
* Was €16.00 – Now €16.50
* Was $18.00 – Now €19.50

* Was £16.00 – Now £16.50
* Was €18.00 – Now €18.50
* Was $20.00 – Now €22.50

* Was £23.00 – Now £24.00
* Was €28.00 – Now €30.50
* Was $30.00 – Now €32.00

Not too painful, huh? Here’s on of my favourite parts of their latest newsletter:

If you want to produce a small run of ‘Uncle Charlie’s 50th Birthday’ shirts then you’re probably right – Cafepress is better for you. But for high-quality, artwork then we still believe that is still the best place to be.

I have a bit of a personal policy that any company willing to say that they aren’t the right solution for you tend to be good guys that are passionate about what they do and not just in it for the money. Long live MySoti!


Hey guys,

Just posting to inform anyone who’d like to know, that my company, TacoBoyTees, is releasing a discount code exclusively for blog readers.

The code is: PRICESLASH

It’s enter-able during check out from our store, found at

Thanks guys,

[Andy: Andrew neglected to mention a couple of things in his submitted post. Firstly, what the discount code will actually get you, spoiler alert, it’s 10% off. Secondly, when you buy a shirt from TacoBoyTees they give another shirt to a less fortunate child, and that’s just awesome, kicked them up a few notches in my book.]

This post was submitted by Andrew.


make ideas real t-shirt

I really like this shirt by Dale Edwin Murray (Bananas Tees is his store), it’s a good message and the style is just about perfect for my tastes, nice and simple.

Dale has also been kind enough to hook us up with a 20% off coupon code for his store. Just use the coupon code hya20 to receive the discount on your order (yes, this deal is also listed on ShirtDeck).

Costiness=£14.99 Buy it at Bananas Tees

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Hey Andy,

Exciting times at FrogFacedSouply Towers, not only is the sun is out in old Blighty – prime t-shirt wearing weather, but we have a couple of new colourways and designs on the way very soon. So to pass the time till they drop we’re having a five day flash sale, with up to 50% off!! Go on – look good in the sun with one of our tees.


[Andy: The sun is indeed out, has been for most of the week, why the hell am I inside writing about t-shirts?]

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