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May 2011

Sale on this week at Lady Umbrella

by Andy on May 31, 2011

ladyumbrella sale

Infographic says it all, but I’ll repeat it anyway. Use the coupon code WOW30 at the ladies-only t-shirt brand LadyUmbrella between now and June 6th and you will receive a whopping 30% off your order. Oooh, I’ve just realised I have extra information, if you buy a tee and a print you will receive a free notebook, they might as well just be giving his stuff away!


lincoln zombie hunter t-shirt

As the picture suggests the most important reprint in this trio is that badass Abraham Lincoln Zombie Hunter design, but the shirt on the bottom right is looking pretty sweet too. Pick them up at Enclothe.


lafraise t-shirt

I’m happy to see that laFraise haven’t dropped the quality one bit with their transition to releasing two shirts a week. Both are available in store for €23 now.


mortal kombat t-shirt

Thinking back, I probably shouldn’t have been playing Mortal Kombat games before I was 10 years old, although I do think that games back then, even gory ones where you ripped out someone’s spine weren’t as bad as games today because it was so much more obvious how separated from reality they were, letting a kid play Grand Theft Auto nowadays seems like a good way to give them a slightly warped world view.

Are they actually making the Arrested Development movie? People have been wanting it to be made for longer than the shows was on the air, I just don’t really know where a movie would take it, it’s a pity that there doesn’t seem to be the same TV culture in the UK as America, here we’d just do a couple of “Christmas Special” episodes that wrap things up without having to have all this fuss. T-shirt’s pretty cool though.

I’m not really digging this “Tiger Uppercut” tee that references the infamous Street Fighter move, but I guess two out of three in a release ain’t half bad, by which I mean it literally isn’t half bad.

All three t-shirts are $19.95 and available now from 604Republic, who I think might have a coupon code on ShirtDeck.


Hi! We’re a clothing line based off of Mcallen, Tx. We’re here to save you money with our affordable shirts and tanks. Be ready for summer and spread the Era with us!

[Andy: I have no idea what their sale is or how long it will last (take note submitters, that is important information), but at the time of writing shirts are $17 each, so presumably they’re usually more than that.]

This post was submitted by Saydi Mejia.


New and Hand-screened in two colors from Free shipping in the USA.

[Andy: Thanks for the submission Scott.]

This post was submitted by scott marvel.

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Bytelove is on a mission to give Geeks, gamers and all the online community the ability to make themselves heard through its geek and gamer themed shirts. We supply premium brands of general gamer shirts, gadgets at affordable price. We also sell WOW and Starcraft shirts and merchandises.
Here’s how to get 10% OFF:
1. Put the products in the basket
2. Enter directly in the browser
3. Enter coupon code BP10OFF into the coupon field
4. Click go to checkout

[Andy: So once you’ve added items to the basket you can’t just click on the checkout, you have to paste it into the browser for the code to work? You’d think that dedicated geeks would want a more streamlined checkout procedure than that.]

This post was submitted by Deelip Khanal.


why so serious joker panda t-shirt

I don’t think that there have been many more iconic characters in recent cinema history than Heath Ledger’s Joker in the The Dark Knight, at least judging by the amount of people that dress up like him on Halloween, and that’s how we judge these things, right?

Costiness=€16.95 Buy it at LolaCamisetas


the laughing man t-shirt

Before you all get up in arms about how this design is from Ghost In The Shell and how they’re ripping it and how other things are wrong that only someone who has watched a lot of anime would know (I have seen minimal amounts, so forgive any mistakes please), The Laughing Man logo was actually designed by Paul Nicholson who works for Terratag (or he may own it, I can’t remember), so don’t worry, this shirt is 100% legit, and the 2011 edition comes in a few different colourways too, priced at £19.99 each.


Fur Face Boy hits Series 5

by Andy on May 28, 2011

I’m late to the party when it comes to Fur Face Boy, other bloggers have been covering them for a long time but I’ve been unfairly neglecting them, I always mean to write a good post about them and do a proper profile, but posts like that are hard to write, not like this snappy one that just lets you know that they’ve released some cool tees you should check out. [via IATT]


Shield T-shirt by Megabolt

by Andy on May 28, 2011

megabolt t-shirt

It feels quite rare at the moment that I just post a random shirt from a company I’ve never heard of that haven’t e-mailed me, I’m constantly trying to give you the latest and greatest news, but there’s just not enough time in the day without me posting even more than I already do, so here’s a tee that I just really like.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Megabolt


how do clothing companies get their names

Adam over at IATT has come up trumps again with another interesting article, this time around he has asked 28 popular clothing companies how they got their names. Some of the stories are more interesting than others, but if you’re interested in the business behind the tees the article is worth a minute or two of your time.


So I found this site called on Stumbleupon, and I saw that they were giving away a free custom hoodie. Usually I don’t enter giveaways because I have to giveaway my life when signing up for one, but it said to enter all I had to do is “Like” their page on Facebook. Since Facebook already controls the world I was like whatever. CLICK!!

So now I’m entered. I keep reading the rules and I find out I get more entries every time I share their giveaway with someone on the internet. So I Thumb them up on Stumbleupon and I start sharing my story with everyone on Hide your Arms (another site that I thumbed up while stumbling) to get even more entries. Believe me I wouldn’t be sharing this if it didn’t increase my chances of winning.

Additional information about the giveaway.
It ends June 3rd 12 p.m. Eastern time.
and they run a new giveaway every two weeks. Once you say that you “Like” them on facebook your eligible to win any future giveaways I was told by one of their reps.

[Andy: I thought that this submission was worded quite strangely, so I decided to do a WHOIS lookup on and what do you know? Chris Lamar, the person that submitted this post, is also registered as the owner of, how very strange that he had to use StumbleUpon to find a competition that he setup himself. Chris, I don’t understand why you’d pretend not to be involved with your own website when every other submission on this site is clearly written by the people that own the brands, and that’s actually encouraged behaviour.]

This post was submitted by Chris Lamar.


david flores x wrongwroks t-shirts

Tony over at Wrongwroks dropped me an e-mail to let me know that he has released a load of collaborative shirts with designer David Flores. Essentially it’s one shirt in many different colourways, but at least the design is pretty cool.

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I Scream Clothing

by Nick Jarrett on May 27, 2011

The ”X” represents what YOU want it to be, it shows your reason to make life awesome. What else makes life enjoyable? ICE CREAM. You ran to it as kids so why not have it with you all the time?!
I Scream Clothing is a brand new clothing company that was mainly created for the hardcore music community: for those that pick up the guy who falls in the pit, for those who didn’t mean to hit the person next to them, and for those that help the girl who wants to crowd surf. We go to shows to enjoy ourselves.

[Andy: Thanks for the submission!]

This post was submitted by Nick Jarrett.

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graph paper t-shirt by pop junkie

Pop Junkie, congrats, you’ve made a couple of mighty wearable tees right there. These shirts are a collaboration with an art blog called The Strange Attractor, which I’d never heard of before, but now very much recommend that you check out, there’s some beautiful stuff on there. The shirts are $24 each and available now.


star wars t-shirt by junk food

I’m going to give this post a caveat, basically I’m going to be covering my ass in case I’m wrong. Junk Food are a brand that have a license to produce and sell Star Wars t-shirts, which is something that a lot of people on the internet don’t have, and the design may have been licensed or sold by Loiter Ink (or the original designer) to Junk Food.

Travis from Found Item Clothing dropped me a message saying something along the lines of “hey Andy, look at this ‘new’ design from Junk Food Clothing [top], it looks an awful lot like the design from Loiter Ink that was in your Star Wars list.” The same image was fairly popular on design inspiration website FFFFound. There’s no denying that these two designs are very similar, and by ‘similar’ I mean ‘practically the same except for a red dot’. I don’t really have much more information than random speculation, it could be a licensed design and perfectly legit, or perhaps Junk Food saw the image, liked it, and since they have the license and Loiter Ink don’t (as far as I know) decided to just take the image, make it look a bit vintage and print the shirt knowing that they had copyright on their side. Like I say, it is speculation, but it does look a little fishy.


kinkiking t-shirts

When you go onto Kinkiking’s site at the top right of the page there is a little quote that says “just another tees shop,” but I disagree wholeheartedly, they seem to have it all together and this Spring/Summer collection is pretty impressive (there’s m,. All the tees are available for €21. [via IATT]


ZAMFORIA made it’s start creating artistically fueled, exclusive t-shirts mixed with the beauty of cultures and the funk of street wear design, utilizing ‘love’ in different languages as the center of attention. It’s become a brand focused on making a wearable piece of art with a story. Their message and ideology: Learn the World. Love the World. Have fun.

Adding to their fun style, all the shirts come packaged in potato chip bags…….(no chips, though, you wouldn’t want a greasy shirt, right?)

Started by a brother and sister selling out of a Jeep Wrangler and running business from a basement, this Boston based brand’s focus remains to that of its roots: make classic, quality art people relate to and believe in, use any success for positive social change, and promote global citizenship.


For HideYourArms Readers…. Use coupon code #HideYourArms to get 10% off your first ZAMFORIA purchase.

[Andy: I really like the idea of packaging a shirt in a potato chip bag, but unfortunately their designs aren’t my style, again, this is a case of different strokes for different folks. They could also do with optimising their website a bit too, the images on their front page have far too high of a file size, not too much of an issue really in these days of high bandwidth connections, but it does slow down a site unnecessarily and tax your server too, and let’s not forget that Google are taking load speed into account now.]

This post was submitted by Erica Fernandes.


beatles work schedule t-shirt

I’m sure I’ll catch a lot of flak for this again, but I’m not a fan of The Beatles, I have nothing against them, I just haven’t taken the time to delve into their back catalogue because it has never really appealed to me. However, I know that there are a lot of people that are truly obsessed with the Beatles, which is clearly evident from the shirt at the top. Artist Michael Deal has been exploring the Beatles music through the means of infographics, and the shirt above charts their working schedule from 1963-1966 in a really rather beautiful way.

The lower shirt was created by an Indonesian graphic designer called Myutas who based the design around the phrase “the longer you look back, the farther you can look forward.” I can see a lot of truth in that saying, but to be honest the shirt isn’t really my style.

Both are available from Origin68, Manchester’s finest tee label.


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