The new HYA Tri-Blend gets a promo video

by Andy on May 3, 2011

The HYA Tri-blend t-shirts arrived last week and I must say I am very impressed. To be honest it’s quite hard to mess up the combination of “grey tri-blend + dark 1-colour print” but I’m still really happy with the way these tees came out. They’re in the HYA store now priced at £18 + shipping, which I admit is a little steep for our American friends with the current harshness of the exchange rate (highest it’s been for a few years at the moment), but tri-blends cost a bit more in the UK as there isn’t much call for them (something I presume is based purely on lack of awareness, tri-blends are fantastic). You *might* be able to soften the blow if you visit ShirtDeck and hunt for a Hide Your Arms coupon though.

I have taken pictures of the tee, of course, but I thought it would be fun to put together a quick video of the momentous occasion when the box was opened up, and you’ll get a decent look at the shirt too. The music is Seasun by Delorean and I think it’s lovely. I haven’t sought permission to use the music, but hopefully the band (or more likely their label) will be cool enough to let it slide because I’m just some guy trying to show off the t-shirt he’s excited about.

I only had 30 of the shirts printed, and 7 of them have gone already from the pre-orders and my friends wanting them, so get your orders in now before they run out!

  • Blake

    Very cool! Nice shots Andy.

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