How to age a t-shirt to give it a vintage look

by Andy on May 10, 2011

how to make vintage t-shirts

My buddies over at Found Item clothing have put together a really interesting series of posts showing you how to speed up the aging process and give your brand new shirt a more vintage look. The posts haven’t all gone live yet (they will be by the end of the week), but there’s already some really good information there including step by step tutorials showing you show to age a t-shirt using different processes. They’ve clearly put a lot of work in so it’s worth taking a look, and the results of some of the processes look really good.

  • defunkd

    We love you guys and Found Item has some awesome obscure references on their tees….but honestly….isn’t it easier to just buy a vintage t-shirt if you want that look and feel?

    Using copious amounts of water, chemicals and time seems like a problem that can be solved by going to your thrift store.

    Here’s a novel idea – why not just buy an actual vintage t-shirt and stop wasting water, products and time?

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