“Made of Stars” by Ban T-shirts

by Andy on May 15, 2011

made of stars t-shirt

I don’t particularly care for this design, but I like the idea behind it:

The elements essential for life – such as oxygen, calcium, carbon and sulfur – were formed by nuclear reactions in the stars. They were flung far out into the universe where they cooled and became the material that formed the planets, and eventually, evolved into life. We are, literally, Made of Stars.

I remember back when I was a young teen in physics class we had a mad professor type teacher who clearly loved his subject and he told of us about how people were ‘made of stars’ and at the time it was a very strange concept to bend your head around, but at that age quite a lot of things are hard to understand, like why the whole world is against you (what? You didn’t think that as a teen?).

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