What happened to LTD Tee?

by Andy on May 16, 2011


I suspect that the answer to that question would be that LTD Tee decided to quietly quit the business (their Facebook and Twitter accounts have disappeared), or possibly go on indefinite hiatus, because I severely doubt that the screengrab above is accurate and they intend to relaunch with a new tee in about four years time.

It’s a pity that yet another t-shirt company has bitten the dust, especially one that was able to attract some big name designers (such as David Flores, who was their final artist), although they themselves would admit that they had their fair share of problems if I remember correctly. The limited-release t-shirt business is so saturated right now that it’s incredibly hard for a new brand to come in and establish themselves, frankly I wonder why anyone new would bother when I see the trail of closed businesses, but people always see TeeFury and Shirt.Woot first and think that they’ll have a shot rather than think about the growing collection of shuttered ventures.

If you have the inside scoop on what happened to LTD Tee, or you were one of the people that owned LTD Tee, I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment.

  • http://cottonable.com rangga

    by the way, do you know what happen with ShirtFight?

  • http://cottonable.com rangga

    hey, what plugin do you use there? it embed my “ShirtFight” with a URL link. Nice!

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    I think it wasn’t growing as Jud had hoped so he decided to close rather than sink more money into it. He’s got a blog going called Conversioneering.com that tells people how to improve their websites for better sales.

    The plugin is called SH Autolink, it’s getting a bit old now but still does the job well, there are others out there. It saves me time finding the affiliate links every time, and I have it set up with other terms, like “t-shirts” and “the HYA store“, it’s pretty useful!

  • tuchovgray

    I ordered something from their site 2 months ago. I never got the T’s and they never returned my money.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    That’s terrible, hopefully this post will bring a few people out of the woodwork and we can find out what’s going on and hopefully get you your money back.

  • tuchovgray

    Sucks because I was really looking forward to the shirts (and that I got robbed).

    They don’t answer e-mails or phone calls.

  • Chris

    So, when you need traffic, you (t-shirt bloggers collectively) post all kinds of pep talks about starting up. Then when it’s cool to gripe about a saturated market, you say things like, “I wonder why anyone new would bother.”

    Pardon me if I’m a bit confused (and skeptical).

  • http://www.604republic.com Sebastian A

    Andy runs a t-shirt blog and therefore there’s nothing wrong with him encouraging people to get into the t-shirt business. (Since there is plenty of room for competition and innovation). There’s also nothing wrong with stating his opinion that a particular part of that market is over-saturated at the moment (not to mention, idiotically in a race to the bottom as far as prices are concerned.)

    To be perceptive of flawed business strategies on the part of various t-shirt startups in an industry that can and is profitable is actually probably quite helpful.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Chris, could you expand on “pep talks about starting up”? If you’re talking specifically about “tee a day” sites I’ve been saying for many months that the market is saturated (often in the posts where I first mention a new TeeFury-esque site), so this isn’t something I’ve been doing recently, or something I do because it’s somehow perceived as ‘cool’ to complain about things. It is very, very rare that I want a business to fail and that’s why I often avoid writing about people who sell designs that I would write negatively about, and I tell them that privately because I’m aware that different people like different things.

    If by “pep talks” you mean encouraging startups when they first launch, of course I encourage them, they’ve made their choice, and if they have good designs or seem like good people then I want them to succeed. Over e-mail I often give people advice about their brand and wish them luck, because I know how hard it is for people to succeed in this business because I’ve seen so many companies come and go, and over the past few months there have been a lot more going than usual.

    Also, writing about startups doesn’t get you traffic, “how to start a clothing company” type posts (that could be classed as ‘pep talks’) to bring in a small trickle of Google search traffic, but I’d like to think that a theme of those posts is often that you need to work very hard to be successful in this business, and unfortunately even then that might not be enough.

    Basically, I disagree with you, but you are entitled to your opinion so I will leave your comment on the blog.

  • Gb

    i had a design bought through contract with them that was printed, tried contacting them for months after to collect. Nothing…complete waste of time.

    Fuckin shits.

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    That’s disappointing to hear, they seemed like pretty good guys but clearly decided to cut and run at some point. Thinking about it, they frequently offered me a sample, but I can’t remember if I ever received one.

  • Mathi

    … I bought a t-shirt from Camilla D’Errico but the t-shirt wasn’t the same color as the website !!! Because they didn’t have Purple (original color) so the put dark blue. I ask to have it in purple but they couldn’t (GOT NO MORE FROM THAT COLOR)! Then, I ask for refound, then the package came back at me without ANY answer back from them… HATE THEM!!!

  • Steve

    Not sure if they’re clearing out their inventory or what? But they are on Jack Threads this week.

  • LTD Tee

    Hi Andy,
    We decided to quit the business quietly at the beginning of this year. There are so many moving parts to make this work including the amount of time involved to create and sell the product, manufacturing issues with screen printing vendors, mailing issues with international orders getting held up at customs, chargebacks, marketing etc, etc it just wasn’t worth it to us. While we were making sales, the income came out to around $10/hr. .

    We decided to leave the market as we came into it, without any hoopla. LTD truly appreciates anyone who supported us, or worked with us during our year long run.


    @ GB – Are you George Benson? My records show we never finalized your contract and we definitely never printed your shirt! If you’re not him, don’t hide behind some abbreviation and throw shots without any evidence.

    @ Andy – I remember offering you free shirts a number of times, but don’t remember if I ever sent one to you. However we were never stingy with sending out shirts to bloggers, regardless whether they wrote about us or not – though you did quite often. If you remember correctly, there was a paragraph in each press release we sent out saying to hit us up for shirts. I must have mailed out way more than 100 promos.

    @ Mathi – Not sure what happened with your order and I’m sorry that you feel that way. The shirt was never printed in royal purple, rather a shade closer to blue. Alstyle discontinued royal purple women’s shirts at that time. We did offer refunds for shirts that were returned. If your shirt was returned to you, it either got held up at customs or was addressed incorrectly. Again, either way I apologize for not fulfilling our brand promise.

    @ Steve – There are some licensing deals with Jack Threads.

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Thanks for clearing all that up, it’s a real pity that it didn’t work out.

    I’ve just looked through the archive of every e-mail we’ve had and I did only send my address to you once about a sample shirt, I don’t know why I imagined it to be ‘frequent’ offers of samples. Pity it never arrived because I was looking forward to seeing the box set concept in action.

  • LTD Tee

    Can’t remember what happened with that. A high percentage of international packages ended up returned or lost, stuck at customs, etc.

  • Bynx

    Same thing happened to me. Had I not hit them up over and over about payment they owed me for a contract I had with them, I’d probably have nothing to show for it. The owners of LTD are taking advantage of designers.

  • LTD Tee

    Hey Bynx, not sure who you are as we never released a shirt from anyone under that name. As stated you got paid; we did not take advantage of you or rip you off. As with any business that you are contracting for, sometimes there is a need to contact people about payment.

  • Mergs aka Ken K Chung

    Hey Mike

    Hows it going? Just did a quick search on LTDTee and found this blog where you guys are saying youve had to shut shop. Im very sorry to hear that that had to happen, i tried running my own business before and ran into lots of problems with even getting it to start properly. You and the team had done well to last as long as you did and to have such a reputation that people would wonder where you are when the website went down, perhaps you’ll be starting a new business venture some time in the near future :-)

    I am also writing to you to see what sales my t shirt made and if you have a cheque for me. I never wrote to you expecting to hear from you first as sales went but then life and work took over and i had managed to let things slip incredibly!

    It would be great to hear from you and to know how many (if any) of my t shirts sold.

    All the best,


    ps I tried the old email address but it bounced hence me leaving a message here.

  • Araki

    I ordered two tees money was taken and I never recieved my order and they never responded to my emails ..they were FRAUD. Good riddens

  • TomBurts

    You were one of many who didn’t get their orders. They also screwed over the artists who designed the t-shirts.

  • Myles

    LTD Tee or artist who created the “big up tee” if you’re still around are there any left in the original aqua blue color? I’ve seen the black, grey and light blue re-surface but not the aqua.

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