Jon Kruse takes a look a the shortfalls of Storenvy

by Andy on May 20, 2011

storenvy review

I like Storenvy and that it clearly has a lot of positive points, but it’s good for someone like Jon to be casting a critical eye over the service to see where they can improve, companies rely on feedback to improve, and end users who are deciding what online store system to use. Fair enough, Jon does build websites for people using BigCartel (Storenvy’s main competitor) amongst other ecommerce platforms and as such has a vested interest in people using BigCartel over Storenvy, but he does raise some valid points that you’ll probably want to check out.

  • Janette @ Storenvy

    Hey Andy! Just wanted to let you know that while things have slowed down here at Storenvy over the past year, we were just able to hire an amazing new team and are pumped about the features we’ll be adding to the site over the next few months. Let’s definitely keep in touch! :)

  • Jon Kruse

    Thanks for the post Andy. I did design for storenvy sites for a brief amount of time but decided to go with bigcartel because I thought it was a better product.

  • Andy

    I heard about the new hires Janette, it will be interesting to see what you come up with.

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