ZAMFORIA: Global Threads [Submitted]

by Erica Fernandes on May 26, 2011

ZAMFORIA made it’s start creating artistically fueled, exclusive t-shirts mixed with the beauty of cultures and the funk of street wear design, utilizing ‘love’ in different languages as the center of attention. It’s become a brand focused on making a wearable piece of art with a story. Their message and ideology: Learn the World. Love the World. Have fun.

Adding to their fun style, all the shirts come packaged in potato chip bags…….(no chips, though, you wouldn’t want a greasy shirt, right?)

Started by a brother and sister selling out of a Jeep Wrangler and running business from a basement, this Boston based brand’s focus remains to that of its roots: make classic, quality art people relate to and believe in, use any success for positive social change, and promote global citizenship.


For HideYourArms Readers…. Use coupon code #HideYourArms to get 10% off your first ZAMFORIA purchase.

[Andy: I really like the idea of packaging a shirt in a potato chip bag, but unfortunately their designs aren’t my style, again, this is a case of different strokes for different folks. They could also do with optimising their website a bit too, the images on their front page have far too high of a file size, not too much of an issue really in these days of high bandwidth connections, but it does slow down a site unnecessarily and tax your server too, and let’s not forget that Google are taking load speed into account now.]

This post was submitted by Erica Fernandes.

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