Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter & Arrested Development get the 604Republic treatment

by Andy on May 31, 2011

mortal kombat t-shirt

Thinking back, I probably shouldn’t have been playing Mortal Kombat games before I was 10 years old, although I do think that games back then, even gory ones where you ripped out someone’s spine weren’t as bad as games today because it was so much more obvious how separated from reality they were, letting a kid play Grand Theft Auto nowadays seems like a good way to give them a slightly warped world view.

Are they actually making the Arrested Development movie? People have been wanting it to be made for longer than the shows was on the air, I just don’t really know where a movie would take it, it’s a pity that there doesn’t seem to be the same TV culture in the UK as America, here we’d just do a couple of “Christmas Special” episodes that wrap things up without having to have all this fuss. T-shirt’s pretty cool though.

I’m not really digging this “Tiger Uppercut” tee that references the infamous Street Fighter move, but I guess two out of three in a release ain’t half bad, by which I mean it literally isn’t half bad.

All three t-shirts are $19.95 and available now from 604Republic, who I think might have a coupon code on ShirtDeck.

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