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June 2011

snorg tees sale

Damn, I noticed this sale earlier in the week but forgot to mention it. I’m sure it’ll be hard for you to look past the $10 sale at Threadless but but 20% off at Snorg Tees isn’t half bad.


Everyone loves a bargain! Threadless have some fantabulous $10 deals on at the moment so I am gonna blog my 10 favourites from the epic selection!

In no particular order….

1. Funkalicious by Christopher Golebiowski

Really love the colours of this tee, it is original yet familar and according to the comments on this t-shirt it’s been worn in quite a few TV shows.

2. In Case of Zombies by Olly Moss

Threadless peeps seem quite partial to the odd zombie or two. This tee is quite fun with a motif of people fighting zombies and the rules ‘In case of zombies’.  They green and the grey really compliment each other.

3. Zombie at Tiffany’s by Marion Cromb

Super funky twist on Audrey Hepburn, this time as a zombie. Somehow still manages to maintain an attractiveness. I own this t-shirt and I love this t-shirt! Not sure if it would work on a guy but I like the pics on the Threadless site.

4. Beauty Before Death by Alice X Chang and Enkel Dika

Something slightly prettier than zombies, this tee has a beautiful Medusa sort of character with some butterflies and flowers mixed in. It’s just really lovely to look at.

5. Retold with Unicorns by Branko Ricov and Jonah Block

Stars Wars + Unicorns = YES PLEASE THREADLESS! I am all over this. If this doesn’t sell out pretty sharply I will be surprised. I suppose if you don’t see the Star Wars link it’s a tad cheesy but I can’t help but adore this!

6. House Brawl by Alex Solis and Alice X Chang

From Star Wars to Harry Potter! The geeky-creamy-filled joy! This t-shirt shows the four house mascots, already in small numbers in girly size small, people are gonna be keen to grab this for $10.

7.  Celestial Cat by Boya Latumahina

I am personally a cat person, if I don’t get remarried I will be a crazy cat lady. The expression on this cat’s face is spectacular, also really enjoying the colours in this tee.

8. Cookie Loves Milk by Jess Fink

In my last blog I said I was a sucker for food with a face, this is food face perfection. I am pretty sure there has someone making cheap knock offs of this t-shirt on Etsy, Threadless have a selection of colours and styles of this and for $10 you can’t complain. This is deffo the sort of tee that will make your friends will ask you where you got it from.

9. Dog Fight by David Thorley

Like this tee, slightly more surreal, really enjoy the way the balloon and origami dog have been drawn and appear to be interatcting with each other.

10. In The Eye of Aperture by Shawn P. Michael

I am slightly biased about this tee! I discovered it a few months ago, bought it for myself and then for my boyfriend also, he’s a photographer type so it just seemed fitting. Actually gonna be a bit cheeky and post a picture of us rockin’ the tee! Highly recommend it though.


stoop kid t-shirt

I used to come how from school and watch Hey Arnold every night, along with Doug, and probably some live-action shows that dealt with moral messages every 2-3 episodes, thanks for teaching me right and wrong Sister, Sister!

It’s funny that BustedTees would release a shirt like this, because it’s not like they’ve had to mine through a load of other Hey Arnold shirts before getting to a character that I think wasn’t featured in a massive amount of episodes, but I think that probably helps to kick this shirt up a notch, it’s in the corner of the niche making people feel like they’re in on a secret.

Oh, and what’s the deal with Busted Tees not having product photos that actually show you the damn shirt?

Costiness=$20 Buy it at BustedTees [via TAI]


Quick 25% off sale at Enclothe

by Andy on June 30, 2011

enclothe coupon code

Use the coupon code SUMMER to get 25% off everything at Enclothe, the sale is on until tomorrow July 1st, as they make space for the upcoming summer collection.


gold coin tank tops

It’s pretty dang rare that I’ll post about tank tops, but the sun is actually shining outside (this is a rarity in my area) so I can see the appeal of wearing a tank top if you lived somewhere sunny and had arms like Thor.

In this release Gold Coin have taken 8 of their most popular designs and turned them into tank tops. I don’t know how much tank tops usually cost but $30 seems quite pricey to me, you’d think that since they have less material than a tee they’d cost less than a tee, but I would assume there would be a lot less tank tops sold in the world than t-shirts, so with slightly less demand comes higher prices.


johnny cupcakes eagle t-shirt

This is a bit of an unusual style for Johnny to be using, it’s not at all rare for people to have tattoos with his designs on, but it is quite unusual to see tattoo style artwork on his t-shirts. Don’t expect to see this shirt in the JC London store as it is remaining as an American exclusive, but of course the webstore does ship worldwide.

Costiness=$35.99 Buy it at Johnny Cupcakes [Mens / Womens]


caliroots sale

Not sure when this sale at Caliroots started, not sure when it’s going to end, but you might as well take a look if you’re into your streetwear. Americans probably might as well not bother because knocking 30% off this Swedish shops prices probably just brings it in line with with you pay normally (that’s no insult to Caliroots, importing is a fairly expensive business). [via Fat Seagull]


wrongwroks free shipping

Not the best deal of all time ever ever, but worth mentioning neverthless since they are a premium retailer so it’s not that hard to hit the $100 minimum, and this offer is worldwide shipping too.



che guevara darth vader t-shirt

Hell, if you’re going to infringe on one copyright you might as well infringe on two at the same time.

Costiness=$23.40 Buy it at MySoti


unique t-shirt

One of my favourite reasons for buying t-shirts from small companies on the internet is that I know I’m getting something that my friends won’t have and whilst not completely unique, is definitely a lot more rare than a shirt I could pick up on the high street or at the mall.


brooklyn industries sale

Even though there is a picture of a lady on the image rest assured that this sale is open to fellas as well, and there is a lot of items available to pick up a bargain on. As you’d expect the 60% off is a bit of a rarity, but there are still decent discounts available.

Brooklyn Industries Mega Sale Men/Women


Sun, shirts, savings, what could be better?

PüR Enterprises announces 15% off all shirts!

Use code HYA15 and take advantage of this great limited time offer.
(Sale runs from Thursday June 30th 12:00am until July 5th 12:00pm eastern)

Andy: Thanks for the coupon code and be sure to submit it to ShirtDeck as well, does this mean that I don’t have to work this weekend since all you guys will be outside loolking at fireworks and eating BBQ?

This post was submitted by PüR Enterprises.

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“Worm Magic” funny t-shirt by Glennz

by Andy on June 28, 2011

worm magic t-shirt

For me this looks better as an image rather than a t-shirt, but it does definitely fit in with the Glennz catalogue so I can see why his fans picked it as their voter’s choice.

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at Glennz

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ATMD Summer Sale [Submitted]

by Jason on June 28, 2011

As The Music Dies has a huge summer sale. $18-$22 on all tees and tanks.

Andy: Short submission, but it gets over what we need to hear, that’s how I like it.

This post was submitted by Jason.


Found Item Clothing interviewed me!

by Andy on June 28, 2011

andy is a cowboy

Travis over at Found Item Clothing asked if I’d like to answer a few questions about t-shirt blogging and my thoughts on the tee industry, and as you might have guessed from the title I thought it was a good idea. There are a few different things in the interview from the norm, which I always think is a good thing, so if you feel like you don’t spend enough of your day reading stuff I’ve written then head over to the FIC blog.

Oh, and Travis filed the interview under ‘Internet Celebrities’, I don’t think I’m quite there yet!

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pandoras box t-shirt

Great stuff as usual from A Better Tomorrow, solid concept well executed, and pretty scary for a white tee too.

Costiness=€22 Buy it at A Better Tomorrow.


storenvy updates

I mention Big Cartel news from time to time, so it would be remiss for me not to give you guys updates when Storenvy introduce new features since I do frequently feature Storenvy-based brands and it’s good to keep people informed when they’re making that Big Cartel vs. Storenvy choice for their hosted cart solution.

  • For $4.99 a month (which I can’t decide whether it’s expensive or cheap) you can now use your own domain with Storenvy, so instead of being you can have the rather more professional-looking which can help to add legitimacy and credibility to a brand, especially when they’re starting out. This kind of functionality is clearly a bonus, and if you’re selling more than a handful of shirts per month then I don’t think you’re going to miss the $4.99 all that much.
  • Another interesting feature that has been introduced is the ability to use your own javascript and flash. Combine this with the ability to use your own URL and it islooking pretty clear that Storenvy are trying to be a strong option for people that want the simplicity of using the Storenvy back-end system whilst having a unique front-end. Of course it also means that Storenvy stores could end up looking like MySpace.
  • The Facebook Store App has been updated to look prettier and be easier to use. Personally I don’t want to be buying things through an app on a Facebook page, but I can imagine there being a lot of niche shops that like the idea of having that ability.
  • To make your experience more secure, whenever you’re in an admin area, logging in, or actually purchasing a shirt you will now be using HTTPS, which I’m actuallly quite surprised didn’t exist before, but then again since payments are handled by PayPal it might not really be necessary. Still better safe than sorry.
  • What other features do you think that Storenvy need to introduce, and at the moment who would you choose between Storenvy & Big Cartel (and any other hosted store solution?).


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