“Obama Got Osama” T-shirt, who buys this stuff?

by Andy on June 17, 2011

obama got osama t-shirt

I feel the need to preface this post by saying that I’m British, and whilst the 7/7 bombings clearly had an effect upon Britain, it was a lot smaller than the 9/11 attacks, in terms of death, destruction, and the effect upon the national pysche, so it’s possible that I’m just missing the point, but…

Who buys a shirt like this? What kind of day is it when you wake up and look in your wardrobe and think “yes, today is the day that I put on a shirt with a handy rhyme on it that reminds everyone that Barack Obama killed Osama Bin Laden (not literally, but he gave the order and he is the Commander in Chief).” Are you wearing this to a BBQ? Bowling night? Taking your kids to the park?

Beyond that, the title of obamagotosama.com has the title “The Official Obama Got Osama T-Shirt “Justice Has Been Done”. I take issue with the word ‘official’ here, yes, it is officially a t-shirt, but I get the feeling that is just about as offical as this t-shirt gets.

Costiness=$19.99 Buy it at ObamaGotOsama

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