Reprints at Threadless this week (23/06/2011)

by DeeHYA on June 23, 2011

Most of the reprints are pretty top notch this week, not sure which to blog! Some summery tees too which is refreshing to see, with the weather being so changeable we don’t really know what season it is.

With that in mind, confirm the fact it is meant to be almost July with this seasonal tee, The Beach by Lim Heng Swee. I love this almost Lowry-esque beach scene.

If it’s something a little bit more raw and sinister you’re after Zombie Fruit by Ben Chen is pretty nifty. The motif contrasts with the khaki/olive really well. Anything with a zombie link is a hit for me, I am particularly enjoying the banana.

The next tee is so delicious I NEED it, this one and the Doctor Who one from my last blog are going to be mine. Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering it every shade of awesome. Such a fantastically unique design. Cat with laser vision, what’s not to love. I probably wouldn’t put this on my daughter, she’d probably be terrified of the crazy kitty.

Speaking as a chica, I am digging Hairspray by Jasmiini Ottelin. It’s feminine without being over the top girly. Not so sure about the guys tank, don’t think I could take a bloke seriously in it!

The simplicity and colour of Music Business Remastered by Dale Edwin Murray works well, not a massive fan of the blokey tank again but I enjoy the Royal Blue. Shame they don’t do more tanks for girlys.

  • frogfacedsouply

    The beach tee is AMAZING! One just arrived this morning. Never thought about the Lowry-esque-ness about the little beach figures, but yip can’t argue. There is sooo much detail in them too. On a worrying note there are more empty beach towels than little people in the sea…I hope that’s not a fin I can see.. durrrrr dum, durrrr dum, dur dum dur dum ;-P

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