20% off at Hidaki in their summer clearout

by Andy on June 24, 2011

hidaki coupon code

I’ve been meaning to write about Hidaki for a long time, largely because in the intro e-mail it said “I read that you liked Lost, I was the guy that make the smoke monster, thought you might like to know that.”


Anyway, as is often the case I kept forgetting to mention Hidaki, but they’ve got a 20% coupon code running at the moment so I thought it was a good moment to introduce you to the brand when you can pick up tees on the cheap and hopefully we’ll get around to having a proper look when the new designs are released soon.

  • klaus

    octupos with guns!!! what a great shirt! although I spend my whole money for nothing than shirts this month I NEED THIS ONE!!!!
    Thanks for links that puts me in the poorhouse, ANDY!! ;)
    Just kidding, keep on swimming & blogging!

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Sorry Klaus, but someone has to help keep money moving in the EU!

  • klaus

    YES! greece’s austerity program is called HIDE YOUR ARMS!
    Andy for EU-president! ;)

  • http://www.hidaki.com Hidaki

    Thanks for posting my summer sale Andy! And Klaus, thanks for your order. The shirt has been shipped your way.

    Take it easy guys!

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