Are Uchuusen’s t-shirts worth $50? [Submitted]

by Trisha on June 24, 2011

Uchuusen space inspired T’s website launched party special!!

Andy: When you’re charging $50 for a tee it’s probably a good idea to have a buy one get one free launch offer because I think they might struggle a bit after that (at least in terms of online sales, retail may be a different matter), unless I’ve missed something about why these shirts are so special. Oh, and as you might imagine, they didn’t title this submitted post.

This post was submitted by Trisha.

  • franz

    No. No t-shirt is worth $50 before shipping.

    High end, I’d go $35 to 40, but that’s still pretty high IMO.

    More likely to get me to buy the “cool” t-shirt that I just saw online in the $9 sale range to the 20 to 25 dollar range.


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