More ripoffs: Matrimoney Clothing like to Make Believe

by Andy on June 26, 2011

makle believe's original design

Make Believe have got some really beautiful stuff in their store, and by the looks of things Matrimoney Clothing liked it so much that they decided to use a very similar style on some of their shirt!

Regan Smith Clarke (who we know has a lovely line of his own) brought this issue to my attention and I then found a bit more discussion going on at Mintees. Matrimoney are no startup, they’ve been going for a while and I am of the understanding that the M-over-M symbol has been used by them for a few years (they have the trademark for it as of a few months ago), but I am practically convinced that everything else happening in that black t-shirt has been inspired/ripped/stolen by Matrimoney Clothing from Make Believe and YASLY (who produced the design for them). I haven’t got the timelines worked out properly because it’s hard to work this stuff without having 3rd parties write about every item to provide a source date for releases, but I am fairly sure that Make Believe had their shirt (or were using the same image) before Matrimoney started printing the image way too big on tank tops.

Why do I have to keep writing these posts? Can’t people just play fair and stop stealing from each other?

  • dave

    Been following HYA for a while now, sad to see you guys picking fights with these guys…You stated their no start-up brand, I dont see why or how they would randomly find Make Believe logo and bite it? It’s almost as if you’re trying to gain recognition by using their name.

  • Andy

    I don’t really see how I’m picking a fight here, in each of the times I’ve highlighting a perceived rip I’ve never been the origin of the story (people have told me about it), and I’ve always tried to gain extra information about the subject to form my opinion. In this case I couldn’t create a timeline unfortunately, but I still stand by my belief that Matrimoney (or whoever designed that shirt for Matrimoney, it is often an outside designer that does a rip without the brands knowledge) are selling a design that is very similar to that of Make Believe, and that it’s just too close to be a coincidence.

    In my experience being an established brand seems to rarely effect whether you rip someone or not, Google “billabong Johnny Cupcakes” for a good example. Is it so hard to believe that they, or someone working for them, could have found Make Believe clothing? If you were looking for t-shirt design inspiration you might stumble upon Emptees/Mintees and there you could find Make Believe, it’s not that random.

    Before this post I had never heard of Matrimoney Clothing, and if I were trying to gain recognition by creating controversy I’d certainly pick a brand that I knew more about, was aware of, and surely I would have followed up to get an answer from them and tried to stir up more controversy? In reality, I made a post, sent them a tweet they didn’t respond to, and left it at that.


    Bringing into the public light will in the end yield the truth, which is good for the industry.

  • tokyostylz

    No timeline for solid proof = false accusations made here.

    I promote originality in all forms and aspects of life, however this post lacks facts. Again..just my opinion.

    Japan loves Matrimoney Clothing. #stayfresh

  • real214talk247

    HAHAHA…why am I not surprised to read that Matrimoney stole a design. They’ve been stealing images since Day 1. Matrimoney clothing is a joke! Their M-over-M symbol is a close rip off of the Y-over-M symbol for Young Money. These dudes know jack-shit about the design industry. I guess they think that releasing a new shirt in a couple of colors every “season” constitutes an actual clothing line. Y’all are fools to think that they dudes are creative.

    Oh yeah before I forget…newsflash Matrimoney boys…season clothing lines are released ahead of the actual season, not once it’s already begun. My advice to the Matrimoney boys…DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB…if you even have one! Time for these fools to go back to school for some fashion and business education…

  • Jay

    i don’t know these guys personally, but i’ve seen their designs and so far, i love what i’ve seen. sounds like someone has some personal issues here. Save the crying for someone else, guy (or girl perhaps?) There gear is ill & apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so. Don’t be bitter about personal issues…let’s keep the focus on fashion. I guess everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but these guys are original & the numbers don’t lie. i’m all over their fall collection too, shit’s sick.

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