Storenvy beefs up security & drops new features

by Andy on June 28, 2011

storenvy updates

I mention Big Cartel news from time to time, so it would be remiss for me not to give you guys updates when Storenvy introduce new features since I do frequently feature Storenvy-based brands and it’s good to keep people informed when they’re making that Big Cartel vs. Storenvy choice for their hosted cart solution.

  • For $4.99 a month (which I can’t decide whether it’s expensive or cheap) you can now use your own domain with Storenvy, so instead of being you can have the rather more professional-looking which can help to add legitimacy and credibility to a brand, especially when they’re starting out. This kind of functionality is clearly a bonus, and if you’re selling more than a handful of shirts per month then I don’t think you’re going to miss the $4.99 all that much.
  • Another interesting feature that has been introduced is the ability to use your own javascript and flash. Combine this with the ability to use your own URL and it islooking pretty clear that Storenvy are trying to be a strong option for people that want the simplicity of using the Storenvy back-end system whilst having a unique front-end. Of course it also means that Storenvy stores could end up looking like MySpace.
  • The Facebook Store App has been updated to look prettier and be easier to use. Personally I don’t want to be buying things through an app on a Facebook page, but I can imagine there being a lot of niche shops that like the idea of having that ability.
  • To make your experience more secure, whenever you’re in an admin area, logging in, or actually purchasing a shirt you will now be using HTTPS, which I’m actuallly quite surprised didn’t exist before, but then again since payments are handled by PayPal it might not really be necessary. Still better safe than sorry.
  • What other features do you think that Storenvy need to introduce, and at the moment who would you choose between Storenvy & Big Cartel (and any other hosted store solution?).

    • davehimslef

      Why dont people just get the domain they want and bounce it to their Storenvy site?

    • Andy

      I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ‘bounce’ in this context? Do you mean redirect the domain to the storenvy store and then have it act as a mask over the store? That would work but looks a little awkward and makes it hard to link to items in the store.

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