Now premiering: My top 10 Threadless $10 tees!

by DeeHYA on June 30, 2011

Everyone loves a bargain! Threadless have some fantabulous $10 deals on at the moment so I am gonna blog my 10 favourites from the epic selection!

In no particular order….

1. Funkalicious by Christopher Golebiowski

Really love the colours of this tee, it is original yet familar and according to the comments on this t-shirt it’s been worn in quite a few TV shows.

2. In Case of Zombies by Olly Moss

Threadless peeps seem quite partial to the odd zombie or two. This tee is quite fun with a motif of people fighting zombies and the rules ‘In case of zombies’.  They green and the grey really compliment each other.

3. Zombie at Tiffany’s by Marion Cromb

Super funky twist on Audrey Hepburn, this time as a zombie. Somehow still manages to maintain an attractiveness. I own this t-shirt and I love this t-shirt! Not sure if it would work on a guy but I like the pics on the Threadless site.

4. Beauty Before Death by Alice X Chang and Enkel Dika

Something slightly prettier than zombies, this tee has a beautiful Medusa sort of character with some butterflies and flowers mixed in. It’s just really lovely to look at.

5. Retold with Unicorns by Branko Ricov and Jonah Block

Stars Wars + Unicorns = YES PLEASE THREADLESS! I am all over this. If this doesn’t sell out pretty sharply I will be surprised. I suppose if you don’t see the Star Wars link it’s a tad cheesy but I can’t help but adore this!

6. House Brawl by Alex Solis and Alice X Chang

From Star Wars to Harry Potter! The geeky-creamy-filled joy! This t-shirt shows the four house mascots, already in small numbers in girly size small, people are gonna be keen to grab this for $10.

7.  Celestial Cat by Boya Latumahina

I am personally a cat person, if I don’t get remarried I will be a crazy cat lady. The expression on this cat’s face is spectacular, also really enjoying the colours in this tee.

8. Cookie Loves Milk by Jess Fink

In my last blog I said I was a sucker for food with a face, this is food face perfection. I am pretty sure there has someone making cheap knock offs of this t-shirt on Etsy, Threadless have a selection of colours and styles of this and for $10 you can’t complain. This is deffo the sort of tee that will make your friends will ask you where you got it from.

9. Dog Fight by David Thorley

Like this tee, slightly more surreal, really enjoy the way the balloon and origami dog have been drawn and appear to be interatcting with each other.

10. In The Eye of Aperture by Shawn P. Michael

I am slightly biased about this tee! I discovered it a few months ago, bought it for myself and then for my boyfriend also, he’s a photographer type so it just seemed fitting. Actually gonna be a bit cheeky and post a picture of us rockin’ the tee! Highly recommend it though.

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