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June 2011

Rocket Pop Powered T-shirt

by Monique on June 28, 2011

Antisparkle Apparel is releasing it’s 2nd monthly t-shirt. This month’s t-shirt is inspired by the sticky hot days of Summer and our favorite ice cream truck treat. It’s titled Rocket Pop Powered and features our astronaut character Ace riding a Rocket Pop. It’s available right now as a pre-order with a special price of $18 until July 8th. They’ll ship the following week.

Andy: Undoubtedly the most professional submissions I’ve had in a long while, they even wrapped the post in block quotes so that I didn’t have to do it!

This post was submitted by Monique.


Dadawan 20% off coupon code

by Andy on June 27, 2011

dadawan coupon code

coupon code DADAWAN20 gets you 20% off your order at Dadawan from now until July 26th, huzzah!


New at Threadless this week! (27/06/2011)

by DeeHYA on June 27, 2011

So out of the 10 new tees at Threadless this week I like 8 so that’s not really too bad. Ha 8 out of 10 tees! OK my humour chip is failing.

I have been making an effort to keep up to date with scoring tees on Threadless lately, I have learnt that people like Owls, Skulls, Food with a Face, Tigers and Unicorns. So covering the last two…

Unicorn wise this week there is Nobody Likes A Show-off by Aled Lewis, love the highly amusing motif, wish the colour had been a smidge bolder but it’s made me smile.

Covering the tiger corner is Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright by Ian Leino.  The bright flaming orange against the black is awesome. I probably wouldn’t wear it myself and I’d be inclined to think any bloke wearing a tiger on their t-shirt is trying to compensate for something.

My personal favourite this week is Hugs Keep Us Alive by Lim Heng Swee. Just nice to see something funky and original that is in no way cliched. It’s colourful, cute and partially disgusting bit like myself.


Whilst TV Addict by Lawrence Villianeuva is quite eye catching, it does have a distinct ‘This has surely been done before’ look about it. In fact when looking into the clearance section there is  Radios by Dan Terry which it just as eye catching, similar concept and half the price.

Hot space chica! Yes please! Adoring the design of Star Power by Robbie Lee and Kasey Fleming the more I look at this tee the more I like it. Also loving the Maroon or Bordeaux colourways too.

Fishing in a Fish by Lim Heng Swee, perfect for a the Piscean in your life. Also think the Ocean Blue & Blue Jay are perfect colours to be wearing in the extreme heat we’ve been experiencing the last couple of days.

Finally Cracked by Andrea Orclic is deep and interesting, with the monochrome nature still managing to grab your attention. This is truly a beautifully mysterious design.

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New at LaFraise this week

by Andy on June 27, 2011

lafraise t-shirts

Another week in which laFraise release three more top quality designs, they’ve got a really good streak of not releasing crap for a while now, impressive stuff.


Its never been a better time to grab some 7 Cyries apparel. Heavily discounted to keep your wallet a little heavier and your hearts a little lighter. Let us know what you love.

USE COUPON: 740cyries

Andy: Their website and style is fairly old-school, it reminds me of the kind of thing I’d look at when I was first starting HYA. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, and the shirt I’ve used as the photo here is pretty cool. Be sure to check out ShirtDeck for more t-shirt coupon codes.

This post was submitted by Ry Sanderson.


Terratag Laughing Man Hoodie

by Andy on June 27, 2011

terratag laughing man hoodie

I’ll reiterate once again that I’m not an anime fan, but that doesn’t stop me from liking this graphic. Don’t forget to use that Terratag coupon code to get 30% off your order.

Costiness=£38.99 Buy it at Terratag


scott pilgrim t-shirts

TV Store Online, who as you may be able to tell sell t-shirts based on TV shows and movies, have been granted the license to sell replica Scott Pilgrim t-shirts, huzzah!

I know a little bit about Scott Pilgrim t-shirts, and how hard it is/was to source replica shirts, so this is a welcome development, and I’ve been told that they will have the elusive 4.5 shirt in stock as soon as they get rights clearance.


makle believe's original design

Make Believe have got some really beautiful stuff in their store, and by the looks of things Matrimoney Clothing liked it so much that they decided to use a very similar style on some of their shirt!

Regan Smith Clarke (who we know has a lovely line of his own) brought this issue to my attention and I then found a bit more discussion going on at Mintees. Matrimoney are no startup, they’ve been going for a while and I am of the understanding that the M-over-M symbol has been used by them for a few years (they have the trademark for it as of a few months ago), but I am practically convinced that everything else happening in that black t-shirt has been inspired/ripped/stolen by Matrimoney Clothing from Make Believe and YASLY (who produced the design for them). I haven’t got the timelines worked out properly because it’s hard to work this stuff without having 3rd parties write about every item to provide a source date for releases, but I am fairly sure that Make Believe had their shirt (or were using the same image) before Matrimoney started printing the image way too big on tank tops.

Why do I have to keep writing these posts? Can’t people just play fair and stop stealing from each other?


made in ca t-shirt

Part of me thinks that I shouldn’t like a t-shirt that is this simple, but another part of me thinks if I like something then I should just accept it, even if $28 for a one-colour print does seem a little much (I know, I know, artists cost money).

Costiness=$28 Buy it at Park Life [via ATshirtBlog]

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Das Monk 25% off ‘Winter’ Sale

by Andy on June 26, 2011

das monk t-shirt sale

Those crazy Ozzies and their backwards seasons!

The graphic there says just about everything you need to know, and isn’t it pretty too?

Das Monk [via TeeHunter]


mindless manufacturing t-shirt

I know I’ve mentioned this tee in the past when Lead & light dropped a few new items, but I saw it again yesterday and felt the need to respost, it’s just a gret t-shirt.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Lead & Light


ice age survivor t-shirt If you’re worried about having that big of a print on a black t-shirt, fear not, the underbase is a discharge print so it shouldn’t be too bad. To be honest I don’t really understand what’s going on with this design, it certainly does look cool.

Josh has also restocked the Olly Moss design ‘Robocop riding a unicorn over the alps‘ printed on a grey shirt this time (previously it was on red).

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Go Ape Shirts


I am 100% sure that last year I wrote a post about this documentary when the guy making it was trying to hunt down t-shirt collectors, but I can’t find the post anywhere. That doesn’t matter of course, the past has passed and now we can look forward to the documentary being aired on a channel I can’t watch next week (the premiere is June 29th at 10:40pm, I just don’t know what channel, probably Canal+). Hopefully it will manage to find a life online or get torrented somewhere because I’d really like to see it. The video above is a trailer for the documentary showing all the interesting and cool folks that are going to be featured. I’ve recognised more than a few of the shirts already so hopefully there will be quite a lot of the indie community being shown in the documentary.

Please note there is some naughty language in the video.

UPDATE: The documentary makers informed me that from around July 10th you’ll be able to pick up/ order the DVD from Colette in Paris.

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fistful apparel

Fistful Apparel‘s new website is certainly clean, the shirts are laid out for you on the front page, easy access, that’s what I like to see.

The two new shirts aren’t really my style, so I wouldn’t be wearing them (unless they sent me a freebie, I’m such a sell-out), but I can appreciate the artwork and know that this is a quality bit of design, so I’m not going to rag on them too much, since I feel like I’ve spent the week telling people how much their stuff sucks.

Both shirts are priced at a reasonable $22 each and are available from the Fistful store now.


pac man darth vader t-shirt

I don’t think this shirt works particularly well, I’ve never heard anyone say “hey, Darth Vader’s helmet looks a bit like a ghost from Pac Man” and that seems to be what they’re playing on here. The text bubble feels a bit unnecessary, and I don’t understand why Pac Man looks like he’s been beat up. Why would I post a shirt that I haven’t nothing good to say about? Because LolaCamisetas usually do good work, and I needed to meet that HYA minimum of one Star Wars shirt per week.

Costiness=€14.95 Buy it at LolaCamisetas


rob dobi fullbleed interview

Dobi is always good value in an interview and this one conducted by I Am The Trend is no exception. It covers the Series 11 release from Fullbleed, the launch, growth and evolution of Mintees (his replacement for Emptees), and also offers advice for people thinking about running their own lines, and if there’s anyone that you should be getting advice from, it’s Rob.


Uchuusen space inspired T’s website launched party special!!

Andy: When you’re charging $50 for a tee it’s probably a good idea to have a buy one get one free launch offer because I think they might struggle a bit after that (at least in terms of online sales, retail may be a different matter), unless I’ve missed something about why these shirts are so special. Oh, and as you might imagine, they didn’t title this submitted post.

This post was submitted by Trisha.

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BustedTees 25% off coupon code

by Andy on June 24, 2011

bustedtees coupon code

Spotted over at Troundup, pop culture & funny tee merchant BustedTees are giving 25% off everything in their store with the coupon code NOQUARTER. For them that is a huge coupon code, rarely do they go that high, so you might want to take advantage quickly as I have no idea how long this coupon will last.


seventh ink t-shirt and tank top

Very nice work from Seventh.Ink as usual. As ever I’d like to see a non-mockup shot, but when it comes to these guys I’m willing to trust them.


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