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June 2011

hidaki coupon code

I’ve been meaning to write about Hidaki for a long time, largely because in the intro e-mail it said “I read that you liked Lost, I was the guy that make the smoke monster, thought you might like to know that.”


Anyway, as is often the case I kept forgetting to mention Hidaki, but they’ve got a 20% coupon code running at the moment so I thought it was a good moment to introduce you to the brand when you can pick up tees on the cheap and hopefully we’ll get around to having a proper look when the new designs are released soon.


every day t-shirt by a better tomorrow

This shirt isn’t exactly blowing me away, but if it was in my wardrobe and I pulled it out I’d be pretty happy to wear it.

Costiness=€22 Buy it at A Better Tomorrow


Most of the reprints are pretty top notch this week, not sure which to blog! Some summery tees too which is refreshing to see, with the weather being so changeable we don’t really know what season it is.

With that in mind, confirm the fact it is meant to be almost July with this seasonal tee, The Beach by Lim Heng Swee. I love this almost Lowry-esque beach scene.

If it’s something a little bit more raw and sinister you’re after Zombie Fruit by Ben Chen is pretty nifty. The motif contrasts with the khaki/olive really well. Anything with a zombie link is a hit for me, I am particularly enjoying the banana.

The next tee is so delicious I NEED it, this one and the Doctor Who one from my last blog are going to be mine. Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering it every shade of awesome. Such a fantastically unique design. Cat with laser vision, what’s not to love. I probably wouldn’t put this on my daughter, she’d probably be terrified of the crazy kitty.

Speaking as a chica, I am digging Hairspray by Jasmiini Ottelin. It’s feminine without being over the top girly. Not so sure about the guys tank, don’t think I could take a bloke seriously in it!

The simplicity and colour of Music Business Remastered by Dale Edwin Murray works well, not a massive fan of the blokey tank again but I enjoy the Royal Blue. Shame they don’t do more tanks for girlys.

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t-shirt blogger advice

Print-on-demand service Fibers have put together a really good guide telling their t-shirt designers (though the advice applies to anyone) about the best practises that they can use when contacting t-shirt bloggers to get their designs written about by guys like me.

The main takeaways are very sensible; have a good promo picture, write clearly and plainly making things simple for the blogger, offer them an incentive like a coupon code or maybe a free t-shirt, and don’t expect them to respond immediately, or perhaps even at all.

I should have something comprehensive like this myself and I’ll think about putting something together because I think it would be very useful. Of course, it needs to be read for it to be useful and in my experience with the submissions I receive most people just do what they want anyway and don’t necessarily follow any of the instructions on a site (my number one request is that people address me by name and it often isn’t met, so I know people are just sending out a form e-mail, and if they don’t give me that shred of respect why should I bother with their pitch?), but hopefully this information will get through to a few people.

Guide to Submitting Designs to t-shirt blogs


concrete hermit sale

Last few days is probably a little over the top, you have got until June 30th, but at 50% off I’d expect sizes to be getting limited now on popular items.

Concrete Hermit 50% off sale

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I’m pretty sure that ‘The Fresh Clothing‘ is the most generic name for a clothing company that I’ve heard in a long time, but they have a nice video with lots of lovely out-of-focus moments.


Get Plastered! Plastered T-shirts is having a 50% off discount on shirts and accessories on their facebook fan page for just becoming a fan.
Plastered T-shirts is Beijing’s first street design brand. The designs are the products of collaborations with local artists to create T-shirt designs which remix the everyday images found in the streets of China.

Andy: I wasn’t expecting much when I clicked through to this brand, but actually things are a lot more intriguing than they first appear. The some designs have a modern feel that I would expect from an Asian streetwear brand, but they mash that with traditional Chinese imagery. The website is slightly dated, the typework let’s the look down a bit, but as they are obviously Chinese natives I think we can overlook their translated site not being quite up to scratch. The shirts are $25 each, so they’re pretty cheap when that discount comes into play.

This post was submitted by Cat DiPaci.


stanley kubrick t-shirt

I hadn’t heard of Stan Chow before today but now I’m really glad I have because I like his style. I’m not too keen on the ‘© Stanley Chow’ that is embedded within the print as it distracts from the clean simplicity of the design, but it is what it is. Also available as a signed A2 print.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Socialfabrik


Super-post alert! Thought I’d better put these sales together rather than eek them out over a day or two, especially since there are a few affiliate links in this post and I’d feel dirty posting them in a row, might as well flush them out in one go.

The e-mail I get from Urban Outfitters is for the British site, so I don’t know if there is a sale on in the US as well, but I know there is a very large amount of items on sale. A quick perusal on my part showed that up to 50% off items is possible but something of an outlier. There’s nothing particularly cheap though since everything already had the UO premium on it anyway.

The e-mail I got from Karmaloop sounded awesome with the promise of “85% off” but it turns out that this sale is just for the ladies. The sale itself is already going, but to reach that 85% off point you will need the coupon code SUMMERSALE that will give you a further 20% off, why they’ve made it that complicated I don’t know.

I’ve talked in the past about how Cuppa-T have cool tees but since they’re in New Zealand the exchange rate and their remoteness (things just cost more there) make their prices a bit out of reach for most when you can get good stuff cheaper closer to home, but with this massive half price sale =you’ve got a good opportunity to pick up some of their retro-futurism designs. This sale doesn’t start for a couple of days though, so be sure to check back.

Extra 75% Off Clearance at

Hot Topic have got a ‘clearance event’ going on as you can see (click the image to go straight through to the clearance page) with up to 75% off stuff that you’ll claim you never liked in 5 years. Sale ends July 4th, and get 20% off all orders of $50 or more with the coupon code HTA50JUN

Anyone know why there are so many sales on at the moment?


Terratag 30% off coupon code

by Andy on June 22, 2011

terratag coupon code

Use the coupon code code2011 to get 30% off at British streetwear retailer Terratag.


imperfect articles summer sale

Dear Friends,

From today thru June 26, all in-stock t-shirt editions are on sale! Use discount code “summer50” when you checkout and a 50% discount will be applied.

Our t-shirt editions are available on our website.

Watch for new upcoming editions soon.

Mike & Noah

Andy: This isn’t actually a submission but I just got the e-mail and I wanted to share the news quickly so I copy/pasted the e-mail.


Stickfan was born from the resourceful efforts of a forgetful yet committed fan. As the story goes, there was a last minute roadtrip to Pasadena to watch the football game between the Arizona State Sun Devils and the UCLA Bruins. In the rush to get on the road, the founder of Stickfan forgot all his Arizona State gear except for his burnt gold visor. It was not until the morning of the game that he realized he had no ASU shirt to wear. Luckily he packed a plain white t-shirt and was able to borrow a black marker. Using limited artistic skills and a dinner plate as the template for the head, the first Stickfan was born.

At tailgate that day, the shirt was a big hit for fans of both teams and the Stickfan founder realized that “being a fan doesn’t have to be complicated”. From there, Stickfan LLC. and were conceived to provide sports fans of all ages simple designs to support their teams and leave the stress to the game and not their wardrobe.

Andy: As you can no doubt tell, there’s no chance that Stickfan would have been posted had they not submitted a post themselves, because I feel that the design quality is pretty terrible. Of course, they aren’t aiming for an arty range, they’ve kept it very, very simple so they’re probably happy with it, but you definitely wouldn’t see me wearing something like this, and not just because I’ve never watched college football. Oh, and I wonder if they have permission to use those logos?

This post was submitted by Patrick Presnal.

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new york crimes t-shirt

I see what you did there Brooklyn Industires, very clever.

In my visits to New York I must admit that I never really felt it to be a dangerous city, maybe I was sticking to the nice parts, but I did get around and I never felt like my safety was at risk or I’d get mugged. I’m sure it would have been a different case a couple of decades ago.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Brooklyn Industries


The Chicago-based label, Designerdrugs (1 word) is an exciting new t-shirt line that is starting to get a lot of attention as they are being worn by buzz bands including: Neon Indian, The Black Lips, Fujiya & Miyagi and Pavement. Check out the video for the new Spring/Summer line that is creating a “virus” due to its edgy/asshole attitude at this page. The video features the song “Fad” by The Black Lips.

It is the commitment of the owner/designer of Designerdrugs, Josh Scholl to keep each limited edition t-shirt to the highest level of art, sarcasm and fashion. The tag line, “clothing for high class low lifes” says it all as the photo graphics and “sayings” spark emotions that range from thought-provoking art to shocking sarcasm without ever taking itself too seriously. The artwork (mostly photos) is the work of Josh Scholl and other esteemed artists with the same vision. The shirts can be purchased at various boutiques across the USA and Canada + a one-off design sold nationwide at Urban Outfitters.
On top of the current designs, a new t-shirt will be released each month until Fall (9 new designs). Designerdrugs t-shirts can be purchased at select stores or on the website at Designerdrugs was selected to showcase at this upcoming Pitchfork Music Festival (7/15-17) and POOL Trade Show (8/22-24).

Andy: Can someone tell me how a shirt with ‘kill whitey’ written on it is ‘the highest level of art’? The designs submitted here (the photos of the large gentleman and lady are tee designs too) aren’t really my cup of tea, but they do have some cool stuff in their store, and if they’re already hitting up POOL then they probably know what they’re doing.

This post was submitted by Josh Scholl.

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6 new shirts from No Star

by Andy on June 22, 2011

god hates flags Three for the fellas, 4 for the ladies (everyone gets the ‘I heart vinyl’ shirt), good work No Star.


Over at LIGHTHOUSE INDUSTRIES we’ve printed our first run of flyers to hand out at gigs over the summer in Northern Ireland, and we wanted to share the 10% off code with the lovely people on Hide Your Arms!

Hop over to our store and enter the code LIGHT1 at Checkout and you’ll get one of our daring and deviant, hand-printed shirts for just over £15.

Andy: Interesting tees, thanks for the coupon code, make sure you submit that to ShirtDeck. Side note, I’m heading to Northern Ireland for the first time ever in a couple of weeks (I’ve been all over the world, but never to a place so close to home), anyone have any recommendations?

This post was submitted by Neal Sutherland .


andy in a wetsuit, sexyyyyy!

I don’t know how interested in my life you guys are, but as I mentioned it on Sunday I thought I would follow up with the results from my Great North Swim (which is unusual for me!).

I was pretty nervous before the swim because I don’t really compete in anything, and especially not if it’s a sport. Over the course of the weekend one man died and another remains in a serious condition in hospital after attempting the swim so it is clearly a serious undertaking (there was a lot of safety precautions taken, kayaks everywhere, helicopters, but sometimes bad things happen) but I knew I was well prepared as I had been in the lake since early April doing well over a mile, but all those times I was either on my own (with a supervisor on shore) or with my girlfriend, so it was never competitive. When I entered the water with the 200 other people in my race I honestly thought I’d be sick, adrenaline does strange things to a person! I think I went off too quickly and my arms felt a bit tired by the quarter mile mark which meant I was having to focus on them and manage them from a lot earlier than I had hoped. Despite that I did seem to still be overtaking and passing quite a lot of people and was able to get some space and swim my own race rather than be stuck in the scrum of people kicking each other (that said, I did elbow a woman in the face near the end, sorry pink goggled lady!).

I managed to have a bit of energy left in the tank for the last couple of hundred metres when I was in front of the crowds, though I did lose a bit of time when I reached the exit ramp which was made of plastic that didn’t like my swimming socks, I had to haul myself out on my (now bruised knees). Finishing time was 40:53, slightly outside of my target of 40 minutes but still a good attempt for a first timer, which placed me 3168th our of 12579 swimmers. I had excellent support from family & friends, and I was one of two people with a banner (the announcer even gave HYA a shout out, “what’s Hide Your Arms?”), and also one of two people I saw that was crazy enough to wear a short sleeved wetsuit.

I’ll be back next year for sure, I know I can do better and I look forward to trying. Any HYA readers like getting out in the open water for a swim?


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