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July 2011

“Lifeless” t-shirt by Traditiona

by Andy on July 31, 2011

traditiona t-shirt

Well isn’t that just gorgeous, looks like a really wearable summertime tee.

Costiness=$24.99 Buy it at Traditiona [via Rumplo]


god save the queen t-shirt

I must have bookmarked dozens of tutorials for building a hackintosh over the last few years, but something tells me that trying to build a Mac from scratch might be slightly above my skill level.

Costiness=$23.79 Buy it at MySoti

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we hate mondays too t-shirt

Get the feeling that I may have posted this before, or perhaps I’ve just intended to post it so many times that I have tricked myself into believing I have posted it.

Anyone else absolutely fascinated by North Korea? I will read just about anything I see about that country. It’s such an alien existence there compared to what we experience in Britain, it’s quite hard to wrap my head around how NK can continue from day to day with an entire country blindly following a little old man (though I hear that people are starting to turn, slowly).

Costiness=SGD$32 Buy it at Less Than Positive

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“Bulgogi Burger” t-shirt by Decate

by Andy on July 31, 2011

bulgogi burger decate t-shirt

I’m not being stupid am I? This is a printed t-shirt, right? It’s not been crocheted?

How great is the concept of a bulgogi burger? My mouth is literally watering at the thought. Dammit I wish I lived within a few hundred miles of a Korean restaurant.

Costiness=€25 Buy it at Decate


american typewriter t-shirt

“Mr. Bowness?”


“You’re a sucker for this whole ‘font name written in the font’ niche aren’t you?”

“Indeed I am.”

Costiness=$5145 Yen Buy it at Publik


Kill Hipsters t-shirt by ParadeMaker

by Andy on July 30, 2011

kill hipsters t-shirt

Just so we’re clear, I’m not actually suggesting that anyone goes out and kills hipsters (but wouldn’t it be ironic if they did!), everyone is apparently a hipster in some way nowadays, but judging by that dude’s expression he might actually be looking to hunt down a few hipsters.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Parade Maker


Star Wars TIE Fighter t-shirt at 80sTees

by Andy on July 30, 2011

TIE Fighter Star Wars t-shirt

This doesn’t have quite the same mainstream appeal of a lot of the Star Wars shirts I post, but if you’re a big fan of the franchise I can imagine a smile came across your face when you saw this shirt from 80sTees.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at 80sTees


Zoidberg x House mashup t-shirt

by Andy on July 30, 2011

zoidberg doctor house mashup t-shirt

Fun mashup this from RedBubble artist robotrobotROBOT. I haven’t gotten into House yet, I watch enough stuff already, but I hear excellent things.

Costiness=£16.38 Buy it at Redbubble


“MJ Skull” t-shirt at Tshirt Store

by Andy on July 29, 2011

michael jackson skull t-shirt

Remember how loads of people made Michael Jackson t-shirts before his body was even cold? I still do not approve of that, it was pretty distasteful, people selling tees whilst telling jokes about him at the same time. We’re two years on now and I’d be willing to bet that most of those shirts don’t get worn often, but it’s good to see a shirt like this being released that is a quality design that actually has some thought behind it (his colour, black or white, was irrelevant) that will stand the test of time.

Costiness=299 SEK Buy it at Tshirt Store

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summer t-shirts

Great idea for a list by IAMTHETREND. Whilst I wear a lot of black and gray t-shirts, summertime does call for something a bit brighter and fresher, and this list of 50 shirts has got a lot of freshness. They don’t even have to be summer tees, you can just look at this as a list of 50 really cool tees.


eggman sonic the hedgehog t-shirt

Usually when I post a pop culture t-shirt or something that references… anything, those designs are based on slightly dubious legal ground, so it’s really impressive to see that this shirt from Insert Coin is actually licensed by Sega. However it’s not all good news (well, not for everyone), because that license means that you can only buy the t-shirt if you have a UK shipping address. Doesn’t not being able to buy it make you want it so much more, my American friends?

Costiness=£25 (inc. ‘worldwide’ delivery) Buy it at Insert Coin

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the dude abides big lebowski t-shirt

I’m fairly sure that I’ve posted this t-shirt before, but I think it’s worth looking at again, especially with HYAs growth over recent months.

Costiness=$23.91 Buy it at MySoti

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Check out Headline Shirts “Summery” Judgement Blow Out Sale! Tons of tees are marked down from $20 to $11! Only a few days left! Get on it!

Andy: I’m posting this submission from the campsite, and the WordPress iPhone app doesn’t have the ability to include the submitted photo, so this post is imageless, argh!

This post was submitted by Roxzann De Marco.


There are absolutely tonnes of Reprints at Threadless this week, so many in fact I may have to blog them twice. Lots of high quality original designs too it’s not hard to see how they have been reprinted. Also some Olly Moss tees which I will blog seperately.

Firstly, Let’s hear it for the reprints! My favourite design from the reprints this week and one that I would absolutely be buying if they did it in girly fit is AWESOMENESS! by James Gruber. It has a very retro comic feel.

Ah Hitchcock! Hilarious design I am blogging this tee because my son found it amusing. Sadly also only available for guys (damn you to Lucifer Threadless!) Those Damn Birds by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini is funky and original.

One us girls are allowed now! I can see why Face by Oliver Fritsch Gomez has been requested for reprint, it is all the cute and I can see why everyone would want one. I guess my main concern with this tee would be how it would wash.

I’m partial to a zombie myself so Zombies by John Warren MacDougall is pretty cool. Seems to have only been reprinted for fellas but there is some limited availability for chicas and its only $10 in girly fit if they have your size.

Adding a bit of colour and panda love Secret Lake by Henrik Lindstrom is very intricate, looks like a watercolour paints on a t-shirt with a Momma and Baby panda.

I adore the colour combo of Color in the Dark by Sebastien Cuyper, black and bright pink always catches my eye when Threadless window shopping, also has super cute factor in the little pink and blue monsters sneaking about a dodgy back alley.

Lastly this tee isn’t a reprint, it was actually gifted to me by Mr HYA himself, and I love it! While I am not normally a fan of slogan tees Video Games Ruined My Life…Two Extra Lives by Lawrence Pernica appealed to the geek in me. It’s available in two colours, it’s available for kids, I can see why it’s popular.



let's get ready to rumple t-shirt

If you’re British, those words only conjure one thing in your mind now. PJ and Duncan, dammit.

Costiness=€14 Buy it at More More More


envy the truth emblem t-shirt

You guys know how I much prefer to have an image of someone wearing a shirt rather than the mockup, well I looked around the Envy The Truth site and this was the only shot of this shirt being worn by a person. Shucks, what’s a guy going to do?

Costiness=£10 Buy it at Envy the Truth


blacklight glow cityscape t-shirt

I’m on a bi of a risky post here, because I’m writing it on July 15th, and it’s being posted on July 28th. As I write it the sales page says that it is ‘coming soon’, hopefully 2 weeks is enough time for them to get this on sale so that you won’t suffer from any disappointment with this shirt.

Costiness=£15 Buy it at 14th Street


Congratulations DD IPO

by Umang on July 28, 2011

In honor of the recent IPO from Dunkin Brands Group Inc.

Although I am not much for “Drop & Ship” t-shirt manufacturer’s, I couldn’t resist this take on Dunkin Donuts. Yes, it’s a one liner and would probably piss off a disgruntled Police Officer but you could always offer up a nice “Coolatta” and get away with it.

Monetary Damage: $19.99 USD Buy it at Skreened

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angry birds t-shirts

I’m not an Angry Birds addict, I have a few of the free apps on my phone and I enjoy them, but I don’t obsess too much about getting three stars on every level. Games are meant to be fun, remember?

Tee Gazette has put together a great post listing some fun and clever Angry Birds t-shirts, they released the list back in February so there’s no guarantees that everything will still be in stock, but it is still worth checking out.

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Not Your Average Tourist Tees

by Umang on July 28, 2011

Don’t you love when your grandparents come back from vacation and surprise you with an embroidered San Juan t-shirt, adorned with coquis (tiny annoying frogs)? I have often wondered who designed then to begin with?

This is where the tongue and cheek crew called Dangerous Breed come in. Imagine sifting through bedouin inspired t-shirts in a Tripoli Souk and coming upon this gem featured above? It’s a no brainer although Custom’s Agents may feel differently upon your return.

Monetary Damage: $29 USD Buy it at Dangerous Breed


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