Say Hello To HYAs new bloggers (and some other news)

by Andy on July 1, 2011


Over the past few months HYA has been growing, and this is a good thing, but I am just one man, and I can’t expand the amount of hours in the day that I can sit in front of my screen typing about t-shirts and handling the surprising amount of admin that comes with running a t-shirt blog.

It hasn’t been long since HYA stepped up from having a VPS to having it’s own dedicated server in a datacenter in Los Angeles, but now we have stepped up again to a content delivery network (CDN). CDNs are essentially clusters of servers all over the world that have copies of Hide Your Arms stored on them, so if you’re in Korea and trying to access HYA you’ll get be downloading the pages from a server located in Asia, but if I try and access pages they will be downloaded from a server in Europe (London in my case). This means that when you access HYA pages will be downloaded quicker, more people will be able to visit the site at a time (which has been an issue recently, darn this popularity), and overall everyone should be happy.

As well as expanding the amount of servers powering HYA, I am also expanding the amount of people that will be writing for Hide Your Arms on a regular basis. I am and always will be the main blogger, I’m not bringing in anyone expecting them to put out the same 6+ daily posts that I do, that would be too much. The new bloggers will be adding a post or two per week, providing a different viewpoint to mine, uncovering coll brands that I have missed, and providing more in-depth analysis of brands like Threadless and Design By Humans that I write about frequently, but want to cover a lot more comprehensively. Over the past couple of years I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I’d like to providing photo reviews of shirts that have been sent to me, with these new bloggers coming along that have a lot of experience with t-shirts (as both producers and consumers) companies can now have their samples sent to the new bloggers for a review by someone who knows what they’re talking about, which will hopefully help HYA become the go to place for finding out how good the quality of t-shirt brands.

Dee has been covering Threadless news on HYA for the past 3 weeks now, so you should be getting used to her posts on a Monday and Thursday providing news of all Threadless’ releases.

Matt is a 26 year old lover of life from Philadelphia, PA. He is the Art Director for the Ropeadope Design Collective, a limited edition t-shirt line put out by Ropeadope Records. Matt is also very involved in the Philadelphia music scene. He previously booked and promoted live music at the legendary North Star Bar and currently manages a up-and-coming rock band called Carousel. Other than t-shirts and music, Matt enjoys eating out at new restaurants, trying new beers (especially those of the wheat variety), collecting dunnys, and hanging out with his 4 year old pug, Oliver.

Matt will be posting every week covering releases from Design By Humans. I’m a big Design By Humans fan but haven’t been giving them the attention they deserve, so Matt will be plugging that gap, and providing some general posts here and there too. Also, he’s from Philly, so we know that this dude’s legit.

Abigail is from Birmingham and has a general blogging role, something of a free-reign to help expand our horizons beyond what I usually post. She is part of the Treacle Clothing team, which I think will provide a lot of good experience and knowledge for this position. I still don’t know a lot about inks and the nitty-gritty of t-shirt production, so hopefully Abigail will provide us with another perspective on the quality of a t-shirt in reviews. She is also passionate about street art and streetwear, so I’m really looking forward to what she will be blogging in the future.

The final addition to the team (for the moment, at least) is Jeremiah, and he put together a quick bio:

Hello, my name is Jeremiah Johnson, I love t-shirts and have a large beard! ( Yes, I am painfully aware that the is a movie titled Jeremiah Johnson about a mountain man with a big beard. )
I have a Bachelors of Art – but thats a piece of paper, and nothing teaches like experience and actually trying. I am a fan of all Art in general, but t-shirts are my main love because it is Art that I can carry with me. I have worked at a local t-shirt shop for 5 plus years and have recently started to branch out on my own with All things lead back to t-shirts for me. Glad to be on board.

I was unaware of the movie, but that is pretty awesome, not as awesome as that beard, but still pretty cool. Jeremiah will also be in a general blogging role, hunting down cool shirts & sites.

Please give a hearty hello to all the new bloggers and make them welcome. If you are interested in being a blogger on HYA please leave a comment on this post (and mention a few of your favourite brands too) and I will get back to you when I get the chance.

  • Klaus

    have you guys (and girls) ever met each other?
    I’m looking forward to reading from you! Is this proper english – sounds weird ;)

    have a nice weekend!

  • Thomas

    Wow, I am pretty impressed! Welcome, new HYA bloggers!

  • Anthony Ambriz

    Excited for the new bloggers especially Abigail, not only because she cute, but because I love street art and I’d like to see more streetwear brands on indie clothing sites.

    Jeremiah I’m envious of your beard.

    Matt, I’m down with PA got some peoples there.

    And Dee those are some dope threads!

    Good job Andy! You have an all-star team. I need to get an ad on your site.

  • MJ

    Very cool! Looking forward to seeing the posts :)

  • Vince

    Congrats to the new bloggers! Looking forward to their posts!

  • Juna D

    Awesome. This is going to be great. I’m going to have to visit HYA even more now. Looking forward to all the posts.

  • Mike M

    Looking forward to reading posts by the new bloggers. And awesome to see that hya is getting more popular.

  • OmegaMan5000

    Damn, lots of beards and booty in that group. :D

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