Vaughn de Heart take the Kickstarter route for their Fall/Winter Collection

by Andy on July 6, 2011

vaughn de heart kickstarter t-shirt

Recently I’ve seen a few companies turning to Kickstarter (the popular crowdfunding site) to try and fund their collections. If you think about it there’s a lot of good reasons to go the Kickstarter route, it’s essentially pre-ordering with a lot less of the risk for either party. You can judge how popular your line will be and be on a sound financial footing from release, and people who are interested in the shirts can put their name down for an item and only get charged for it if they’re actually going to get made.

Whilst it is great in theory, in the past Kickstarter has been proved to not be a fantastic place for t-shirt companies to get funding. I think it’s because the popular ideas on Kickstarter tend to be innovative, when it’s hard to persuade a random person that a t-shirt design of any kind or style could be innovative. Due to this, I think that Vaughn de Heart have got a bit of an uphill struggle to reach their target of $7,000 pledged, even though the promise of having your name screenprinted into the tees (where the neck label would usually be) is pretty interesting.

Vaughn de Heart Kickstarter Page
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