Reprints at Threadless this week (07/07/2011)

by DeeHYA on July 7, 2011

Not many Reprint tees at Threadless this week so I should just blog them all really, like a good girl.

Firstly Training For Utopia by Ken Marshall has a bit of a reference massive snake, people boxing, a gold tooth, ice cream, a rocket, just all sorts its an absolute explosion of crazyness. I would kind of expect people to be staring at your chest but I think that is the only negative about this tee. The more I look at it the more I like it.

I really love Le Voyage by Ilaria Lazzaroni, it’s quite whimsical and I love the navy and gold together (also available in black and gold for girlys). It’s apparently based on a Smashing Pumpkins song called ‘Tonight Tonight’ which I will now make the point of listening to.

One for the girls Topiary by Priscilla Wilson, not really sure what’s going on. I’m partial to a bit of nature but why is an elephant hanging out with a stag? I actually prefer the colours of the original Threadless submission.

Quite enjoy the intricate nature of Pessimistic or Optimistic by Josh Perkins which is centered around the glass half empty/full concept. The full half contains happy things like bunnies, a rainbow and flying a kite and the empty half has basically hell.

Not one for the thickos, Secrets of Mensa by Julian Glander. Beard stroking, chess, classical music all about the brains. Not sure whether this is a t-shirt that a clever person would wear or someone to take the mickey out of clever people?

Hmm the comments about Pearl Harbour on the design submission are interesting. Not sure I would say it’s anti-American. Very mixed opinions about You Sank My Battleship by Ron Lewis. Love reading comments of Threadless users, some are just way too serious. This tee is only available for guys.

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