NO ONO | 3rd t-shirt collection ‘Self Shot Girls’ [Submitted]

by Marcel van Wijk on July 11, 2011

“You have a new friend request.”

Social media is good for a lot of things, but who doesn’t sneaky click on the daring profile picture in the friends list of your girl-next-door? NO ONO does! Who is the babe behind that 40×40 pixel self-portrait shot in the mirror? One even sexier than the other.

NO ONO has searched the various social networks (Facebook, Flickr, Hyves) looking for the best profile pictures that would tricker your imagination and bundled them in the latest t-shirt collection titled ‘Self Shot Girls.

The third men collection consists of 3 t-shirts; Sophie, Merina and Eliana. The sexy profile pictures of these girls and their profile exposed in halftone on your chest. The t-shirts are available for €34,- in the webshop of NO ONO. As usual, the collection is presented by a girly topless model.

I hope you “LIKE” this collection and will write a review/blog. Feel free to download the full press kit // // with text- and photo’s. If you like more information, contact me with your request.

This post was submitted by Marcel van Wijk.

  • skatimmy737

    In the words of Inspector Gadget… Wowsers!

  • Gabriela

    NO ONO fashion is very worn by men who want to have a girl printed on his T-Shirt. This kind of design is fascinating and attractive! This kind of fashion is innovating nowadays because men want to show his sexy side anyway!

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