Rap Music Hides My Hipster

by Umang on July 12, 2011

One thing that comes to mind is the integration of a hipster to an urban neighborhood undergoing gentrification.

Imagine a hipster digging through his crate of old CDs, past the Beck single, “Loser” and finding Public Enemy’s “Fear of a Black Planet”. He converts the CD to MP3s, dump them on his iPhone, newly equiped with Dr. Dres’s “Beats” headphones, passes by the local Bodega and grab a 40oz of Pabst Blue Ribbon, makes sure to wrap it in a brown paper bag, all while rocking this t-shirt. If he makes it down the block, on a hot summer night and refrains from moistening his pants he should be good to call himself “hood” and shed the hipster shadow.

From the awesome folks at Print Liberation.

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