Off to Cornwall, back in 2 weeks

by Andy on July 16, 2011

Andy & liz at Land's End

I know I was away last weekend too, but I’m off again and this time it is for two weeks of fun Cornwall. We are camping in our massive tent (well, massive for 2 people, it would be a bit cramped for a dozen), so obviously I won’t be lugging around a laptop (times like these I wish I had an iPad and a big solar panel) and therefore you should not expect replies to your e-mails unless they are extremely urgent as I don’t intend to be spending much time working on the blog.

I have set up a load of posts to go live throughout the next couple of weeks so that you don’t miss out on your daily HYA updates, and of course the new bloggers will be posting regularly too, so there will be plenty of new clothes for you to be lusting after as well as quite a lot of old stuff that I’m posting from my bookmarks. My tweeting will probably be at a minimu, but if you’d like to hear random updates about how nice/rainy it is on a beach feel free to follow me.

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