$5 Threadless Clearance Bargains!

by DeeHYA on July 17, 2011

Everybody is a partial to a billy bargain, especially when you can get totally awesome Threadless tees from a mere $5 a piece! Gonna just do a swifty clearance blog 5 tees for girls and 5 for guys, all just $5 each! Obviously size availability may be limited!


1. Yeah by Weston Doty

I love this cute little exclamation mark, the simplicity of the monotone with the cuteness makes for an awesome little tee!

2. Booty by Santiago Sanchez

This quite literally cheeky tee features a treasure chest with a bottom inside. Cheeky, naughty, rude Threadless!

3. Disc Jockey by Enkel Dika

I think this design is pretty clever and nifty, a broken record which has been broken into the shape of a horse and jockey. I also love the blue jay colour of tee, as I have it with another design on, it’s a very bright and happy blue.


4. Horror Toon 2 : Nightmare on Toon Street by Sean Husbands

Love this black, white and grey sinister retro style cartoon tee! It’s the gloves and the axe that does it for me.

5. Birdsong  by Lim Heng Swee

Love the green whimsical print on this tee, Lim Heng Swee is one of my favourite designers on Threadless and the designer I own the most tees by. I just think this cute little V-neck is a nice bargain for $5


1. Peace by Andy Gonsalves

Everything about this tee peaceful. It’s got a dove on, he’s doing a peace sign and it’s on pale blue. Calm in a tee!

2. Swan Song by Ross Zietz

Sticking with a birdy theme, this threadless tee features some kind of musical note / swan hybrid. It’s simple but cool! It’s also available for gals in a gorgeous plum colour. Might slip one of those in my basket for future reference!

3. Beat It by Adam Benjamim White

Who doesn’t love Michael Jackson? Well quite a  few people to be fair, he was a controversial character, and had a marmite quality to him. On a different note this tee is undeniably cool!


4. Friends Forever by Julia Sonmi Heglund

I know this is a bit girly for a dude, but I like the rainbowesque colours against the black and the sentiment.

5. Late Night Barbarian by Enkel Dika

I’m not sure if I like the design and I’m also not sure if its so masculine it kinda goes full circle and becomes feminine again but I like the brown tee and the fact it pops.

Hope you enjoyed my bargain ramblings, I will be back blogging new designs tomorrow! :)






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    Are these Tee Shirts brand new?

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