Got spare t-shirts? Make a quilt out of them.

by Andy on July 23, 2011

t-shirt quilt

I got followed by this lady on Twitter (don’t forget to follow HYA too!), and thought that her site was pretty cool. You send her a bunch of t-shirts, and she turns them into a quilt. The business is called Queen B Quilts, and whilst I’m sure I’ve linked to a few ways to create your own t-shirt quilt in my t-shirt recycling post a couple of years back, but I’m no good at sewing and I presume most of you aren’t either, so why not guarantee yourself a good product by paying to have it produced?

It isn’t a particularly cheap service (it depends on the size of the quilt) starting at $125, but I would presume that a lot of time and effort goes into the product of a t-shirt quilt, so the price is probably fair.

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