Opening Range – ‘Les Debutantes’ [Submitted]

by Dead Kingdom CLothinG on August 4, 2011

Dead Kingdom CLothinG – “Born out of a recession and a wasted youth”

….and that’s exactly what it is.

Basically we spent the last decade shouting abuse at crap tv, getting balls deep in something approx. 40% abv, setting fire to stuff and generally being a bit of a Del boy. Did the world care ? No it did’nt! and 2 years ago it reached a dead end.

So we decided to make it care. (Dead Kingdom CLothinG) was born. No lazy generic stale graphix this time but a unique label of originality, quality and attitude with far too much to say for themselves.

Were still shouting at the tv and drinking far too much but at least we’ve channeled our anger now and not setting fire to stuff as much now so lets see how far it takes us.


Andy: Their shirts are priced at £32 and £26, which I think is a lot more like pre-recession pricing, even with the free UK shipping. Their website could do with a little polish too, first, drop the splash page, website owners shouldn’t be adding a page between visiting a website and actually seeing the content. Second, you guys have clearly done a photoshoot with people wearing your clothes, make sure those photos are available on the website, because people want to see people wearing clothes. Third, that logo at the top of the website looks like a placeholder, you’ve got far more interesting logos on your shirts, so why use a fairly generic looking bit of text for the name on the website?

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