604Republic have a design contest now

by Andy on August 17, 2011

604republic design competition

Things must be going well for 604Republic, which is a store rapidly gaining a position as one of the top pop culture & geek tee destinations on the internet, because they recently announced that they are going to be branching out into the world of design competitions. They are offering $500 upfront and $1 per shirt sold or a 15% of shirt sales to winners, which is a decent prize if you ask me, and should be enough to attract some of the bigger names in the industry. The design competition is focused on their core topics, geekiness, pop culture and video-games, which of course works for both the designer and 604R, there’s no point in them trying to sell something that doesn’t fit with their audience.

The gallery and scoring of designs won’t be launched for a few weeks, but they are now open for submissions from designers. No word on what kind of a schedule they’re going to be using to release designs, one a week, two a week maybe, I doubt that they’d be going with daily releases since it seems like winning designs will be entering the full catalogue for long periods, but I’m sure the frequency will be revealed later along the line. I usually have to be cautious about design competitions when they pop up as quite a lot of them do disappear unfortunately quickly, but with 604R already being a well established t-shirt shop and with their owners coming from another site (that’s still running) that ran a design contest I think this one is in good standing to last a long while.

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