“Time For Science” t-shirt at TeeFury today

by Andy on August 18, 2011

science t-shirt

I looked at this design at TeeFury today and immediately recognised Adam & Jamie from Mythbusters at the top, and Kari Byron on the lower left, which made me think this was a Mythbusters shirt at first (by the way, how are there none of those around?) but then none of the other faces fit for the show, and there were too many. So it turns out this is just a generally science-y shirt and the other faces are (clockwise from top) Carl Sagan, Michio Kaiku, Beakman, and Bill Nye. So, basically, Kari Byron doesn’t really fit with this picture as someone that has brought science to the masses, whilst she will be a draw for some viewers of the show, Adam & Jamie are still the top dogs on Mythbusters. This point has been addressed in the artist interview though, with Bradleysmp stating that “this shirt is a thinly-veiled attempt to work Kari Byron into a design.” Fair enough!

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