We have a winner in the GAMA GO contest!

by Andy on August 19, 2011

Gama Go contest image

WOW, you guys are incredible. This competition has received the most entries ever for a Hide Your Arms competition, around 200, I’m pretty humbled to be honest, it’s awesome that HYA can be associated with companies like GAMA GO that have such a large and dedicated following.

Of those 200-ish submission quite a lot were along the lines of “does this make my tail/butt/arms/other appendage look big”, they were funny, but of course if there are lots of them I can differentiate between one and another, so they couldn’t be winners. Another fun topic a lot of people liked to riff on was that the Yeti was in a gymnastics competition. Oh, and Michele Bachmann, you guys do not like Michele Bachmann. Some of them were just downright weird, I think some people are taking out personal issues on our mythical and extinct buddies in the illustration (you know who you are). Special shout outs go to Edward Thorp, Ginger Valentino, Brian Chapman, Anja Lee, Emily Breedlove, Felipe Salazar, Ben Brown, and Marcus Brown (they’re probably not related) for submitting lots of entries. Of course since I’m mentioning you guys now you know that you will not be enjoying the sweet taste of victory. Nope, our winner is Dave Hurwitz, who submitted this deceptively clever caption:

Excuse me, but have you seen Fay Wray?

It may make me sound uncultured, but I have to admit that I scurried to Google over that one, and it made me smile when I realised was Dave was hinting at. Nice caption Dave, I hope you enjoy the illustration!

Thanks to everyone for taking part, more competitions should be coming up on HYA soon, and thank you very much to GAMA GO and Wednesday Kirwan for producing an original piece of art especially for the contest.

Here’s a few more of my favourite captions from the contest:

Why did you unfriend me on Facebook?

65 million years from now we will be on some guy’s shirt.

Sasquatch: ‘I wanna gama-go swinging on these vines.’
Dinosaur: ‘You need to gama-go on a diet first!’

YETI: I am too a vegan! Wanna chew on these vines?
KAIJU: Dude, you’re a yeti. The only reason you’re in the jungle is for my dinosaur bacon.

Yeti, your ring routine was great, but you missed the dismount.

I want my two dollars!

Do you mind?? I can’t “go” with someone staring at me..

Don’t look back in anger… except if it’s a Yeti!

I don’t often swing, but when I do it’s on vines.

Dude, don’t leave me hanging.

Kaiju says, “If you don’t stop bragging about your opposable thumbs, I’m going to have to introduce you to the ‘business end’ of my tail!”

One caveman away from being the cover of Michele Bachmann’s biology textbook.

And, in a heartbreak decision for our still rings finalist from Nepal, the judge from Japan joins Lithuania in awarding the routine a mere 3.5 points.

I hardly ever hear from you, and now you’ve been crashing here for nearly a month. I’m going out to get some air, maybe a couple of pints. Don’t wait up.

‘It’s not my fault I’m rubbish at looting. I was born with these tiny arms!’

In Michael Bay’s update of the Jungle Book, Mowgli will be played by a dinosaur.The film’s first action scene features a robot-yeti unleashing a torrent of fire and explosions, shouting “Get off my lawn!” at the lost dino. Later, Shere Khan eats him as an 80s rock anthem plays.

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