“I aim to misbehave” Firefly t-shirt at TeeFury today

by Andy on August 22, 2011

firefly t-shirt

This design means literally nothing to me, it looks nice, but I have no understanding of the concept. Any Firefly fans in the audience?

$10 today at TeeFury

  • Frank

    i believe it’s a quote from one of the characters (possibly Jayne, probably Mal). if you’re enjoying Galactica, i highly recommend Firefly. it’s fantastic — plus, there’s only a dozen episodes of firefly (plus the movie), so it’s easy to get caught up.

  • Sejastya

    It’s a quote from the movie “Serenity”. Mal (Nathan Fillon) and the crew have discovered who made the Reavers and are planning on exposing the whole thing to the entire galaxy via Mr.Universe’s sick media pirating system. Mal, is having a meeting with his entire crew, telling them what he plans. “I am to misbehave.”

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