T-Shirt Blog Roundup: Pale Horse and The Barrel of The Apes

by Andy on August 25, 2011

It’s that time again for me to shed some light on the noteworthy t-shirt posts that have been created in the past two weeks. The t-shirt bloggers who take the time to grind out these high quality reviews and articles deserve their just due. And at Hide Your Arms we want to give it to them, so let me get out of the way and get this thing started.

Pale Horse Design T-Shirts at Pop Culture Tees
Pale Horse Design T-Shirts at Pop Culture Tees
First up is Pop Culture Tees with a blog on Pale Horse Design T-Shirts. This one is considered a dual threat because we are fans of both the popular Pop Culture Tees as well as Pale Horse. Both work hard with a purpose.

Start A T-Shirt Line at T-Shirt Factory Blog
Set Up, Start and Run A T-Shirt Line, Part I by The TShirt Factory Blog
The T-Shirt Factory blog begins a multi part series on how to set up, start and run your own t-shirt line. In part one there are four steps that can help you get past the early obstacles you may face in starting a t-shirt line. Stay tuned for the rest of the parts in this series.

Pyknic's Mobile Retail Shop at Tee Hunter
Pyknic’s Mobile Clothing Store Project by Tee Hunter
The Tee Hunter always find the good stories. In this post, The Hunter tells you about the apparel brand Pyknic’s plan to purchase a food truck than to sell their food themed clothing from. They are using Kickstarter as the vehicle for the funding (pun intended) and this ingenious idea to further their brand awareness.

Barrel of The Apes T-Shirt at Best TShirts Ever
The Barrel of the Apes T-Shirt by Best Tshirts Ever
Best TShirts Ever doesn’t try to be all things. Their goal is to do one thing really good. Yep, you guessed it…they want to post the best t-shirts ever. This makes them a great site to visit to see their latest choices. The Barrel of the Apes caught my eye obviously because of the movie, The Planet Of The Apes, but also because it reminded me of the low-tech toys I played with as a kid.

New Sleepyhead at Future Label
The New Sleepyhead Clothing Line by Future Label
Future Label, one of the newer t-shirt blogs on my radar, introduces to us the latest additions in the Sleepyhead clothing line. The colors and concepts are cool and definitely quirky. Check out Sleepyhead’s latest as well as get to know Future Label if you didn’t already.

This t-shirt roundup was a guest blog written by Blake from You Design It where they specialize in cheap custom t shirts.

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