Design By Hümans: Aug 22nd – 26th

by Matt on August 30, 2011

I think this is Francis Arcega’s (Studio8Worx) second win at DBH, but the new layout is a little confusing for that information. Anyway, I like the concept and contrast on this shirt, as well as the placement. I’m not the biggest fan of red shirts, but this one definitely works well.

I love this design and it’s title. “The Cloud Maker” is Santiago Sarquis’ (metalsan) first win at DBH. I love the flow and surrealism of this piece.  I think I like the girls version on light yellow a little more, but the guys on white is still awesome.

This first print from SilentOp is very well executed. I like the depth of the design, from the water in the foreground to the moon, stars and galaxy in the distance. And the colors are just right.

I really like “The Cloud Maker”…but I think this one takes the (cup)cake for my favorite design of the week. What could be better than a Velociraptor holding a cupcake on a t-shirt? Not much, if you ask me. And to top it all off, because of the Dark Chocolate blank, the cupcake looks like one of the Red Velvet variety, which happens to be my favorite. Congrats to herky on a awesome first print!

So this is the first shirt from the Tee G.I.F series that DBH said they were starting last week. “DBH Logo Series – Feather” comes to us from zerobriant, a great designer that’s been making his path through the t-shirt world recently. I’m not usually into wearing logo/brand shirts, but if I was going to wear anyone’s logo, it would definitely be DBH’s. I’m excited to see what comes of these Friday shirts and the DBH Logo Series.


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