My Top 10 in the $10 Threadless Sale

by DeeHYA on September 6, 2011

Ok guys and gals, the $10 sale is only 48 hours long so you’re gonna have to get in there Supermarket sweep style and get what you want. I just thought I’d blog 10 tees that I would be swiping for my own if I had $100 spare.

1. Eating Competition by Mike Reisel and Aaron Jay

I voted 5 for this design, it’s pretty awesome and gruesome, killer animals eating babies. It’s such a shame that this is only available in guy tee because I love it and don’t think my fella would wear it.

2. Zombie Shadows by Branko Ricov

Love the colours in this tee, and it’s a very interesting point of view. Save money on a Halloween costume this year and buy a Threadless tee, that’s my philosophy.

3. TARDamask by Rosemary Travale

I know I have blogged this tee more than once, but lets face it Doctor Who is massive and that episode at the weekend made me cry. I really want this tee for my own.

4. Night Sky Projector by Ben Chen

Really love this folky design on the Cobalt Blue t-shirt. Love the cute racoon, wolf and owl it’s just a very sweet design.

5. Paisley Ghosts by Brandon Todd

Love this design, no availability for guys but fully stocked up for chica, love how the paisley pattern has been turned into very cute little ghosts.

6. Watch The Snow Fall by Cory Remjeske

Ok it’s a little bit out of season and it would be terrible for hiding dandruff but I love this simply sweet black and white design.

7. Blast Off by J Fleck

The winner of the Threadless NASA design challenge, grey tee and the bright colours of the design work really well together.

8. Storytellers by Maxim Cyr

Mega cutesie design featuring little book characters, this is available for blokes, women, kiddies and babies, once for everyone I’m particularly liking the girly fit on apricot tee.

9. 101 Cameras by Adam Frame

Whoo hoo a red one! Pondering about whether my photographer boyfriend would like one, shame the image showing the design doesn’t look as clear as the actual print.

10. Nothing Rhymes With Orange by Mike Mitchell

I love food with a face, even better when some are evil and some are crying. Love this green tee seems like an awesome way to finish my $10 Threadless bargain blog!









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