by NO ONO // Marcel van Wijk on September 10, 2011

Maybe you already know; for the fourth t-shirt collection NO ONO will collaborate with the FIXFIXFIX. The FIXFIXFIX photographing girls on their custom bicycles so called Fixies. NO ONO have selected 6 of the hottest, but only 3 of these will end up on a t-shirt. Now it’s up to you. Let them know which of the pre-selected Fixies you think deserves to be on a t-shirt. Submit your 3 favorites on their special web page:

Tring Tring!

Andy: As usual, I need to point out that I wouldn’t be particularly comfortable wearing a shirt like this in public, or in private for that matter, but some folks must like it, maybe it’s time for Steve over at HGWT to branch out to Hot Girls On T-shirts?

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