Your Big Cartel store isn’t restricted to percentage discounts anymore

by Andy on September 11, 2011

new big cartel features

The HYA store is powered by the Big Cartel storefront platform, so I keep an eye on developments coming from the BC team, and this latest update is pretty nice. Previously, if you wanted to give a discount on goods you had a blanket discount of a coupon code that applied to a whole order and every item in the store. That changed last week when they introduced a few new, welcome, features:

The new discounts feature (in your admin under Promote > Discounts) gives you the ability to build a collection of unique, creative deals to reward loyal customers and entice new ones. To that end, we’ve packed this feature with a handful of highly requested goodies.
What’s new with Discounts?

Discounts now come in three flavors: percentage off, flat-rate off, and free shipping
Require customers spend a certain amount, or buy a certain number of products, before the discount can be applied
Have your discount apply to the full order, only to products in a certain category, or even just to one specific product
Give your discount a friendly name that is shown to your customers when they enter the code
Get a random code for your discount with the push of a button (or roll of the dice)
Specify a date when your discount can start being used, perfect for midnight sales or product releases
Discounts can now auto-expire after a certain number of uses, or on a certain date
You no longer need to delete discounts to expire them, and we keep a full history of your expired discounts
Quickly share discounts with your Facebook and Twitter communities

All mighty handy I’m sure you’ll agree. Now if they’d add a ‘Europe’ shipping option I’d be a happy man.

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