Daily Tee Roundup September 16th: Young people like cartoons

by Andy on September 16, 2011

archer vs. barry t-shirt

Half of the shirts on sale today are based on animated TV shows, most of which I didn’t need to look up before writing about them, so I guess I’m still in touch with the young folks.

I tried watching Archer but just couldn’t get into it, however I’m sure it has a decent following which justifies TeeFury offering a shirt about it for the low, low price of $10.

I do believe that this is Brock Samson of Venture Bros fame, which is another show I couldn’t get into, but you be honest I didn’t try too hard. From $10 at RIPT today.

Once again I like the style on today’s shirt from Tilteed, I think that they’re 5 for 5 this week, bravo!

Really nice offering from Shirt.Woot too, we’re being treated well today by the daily tee sites.

Today’s shirt is rather strangely called “Donald F#%k” which reminds me of Louis C.K.’s N-Word joke but it is otherwise a good design from Loviu today.

Pretty cool shirt from Nowhere Bad today, I think that I’d like it more if the Unicorn looked a bit happier, like it was enjoying the experience of being a bike, because as is it looks like a bit of a macarbe trophy mounted on the handlebars of the bike. Still an interesting design though.

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