Two new shirts and two reprints at Omunky

by Andy on September 22, 2011

omunky organic t-shirts

The two shirts up top are new (yes, inlcuding the logo one, it’s in a new colourway), and the two beneath are the reprints, all of them are $22.99 each. When you put all the shirts together like that it’s interesting just how much that Rick sticks two a style with his designs, it must be working for him!

Oh, and OMUNKY are running a blogger contest, giving a shirt to the first blogger to make a referred sale (you need to say “Andy from HYA sent me” or something along those lines on the order confirmation page). If that blogger happens to be me I will give the tee to one of the other HYA bloggers so they can review it, which works out well for everyone. The winning blog also gets a coupon code to use for a year that will be good for 18% off, so you guys will benefit from the win too. If another blog wins I’ll still write about the couponcode, it would just be nice if the coupon code was hideyourarms rather than someotherblogthatisinnowayasgoodashyaandprobablysmellsfunny.

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