T-Shirt Blog Roundup: Johnny Cupcakes, Lazer Shirts, and Miles To Go

by Andy on September 24, 2011

As regular readers will be aware, periodically we like to recap some of the recent highlights in the world of t-shirt blogging. This last week brought more interesting news, cool shirts, and terrific posts by hardworking bloggers. It would be impossible to list all the greats but here’s a short list of some of the best and brightest.

The Blot Says
Johnny Cupcakes X Nickelodeon by The Blot Says

This post certainly brings some interesting news. Johnny Cupcakes will be partnering with Nickelodeon to bring some limited edition clothing and accessories. Naturally these items will feature some of Nickelodeon’s most popular characters. A lot of buzz on the interwebs about this collaboration so check it out.

Coty Gonzales
LazerShirts not Just Another Shirt by Coty Gonzales

LazerShirts is a company with a really cool concept. For starters their shirts are printed using glow in the dark ink, which is pretty cool to begin with, but the kicker is that by using the LazerShirts “ultraviolet lazer” you can actually etch your own new design on top of the existing one. Sounds like a great gift for kids or adults looking for a conversation starter.

I Am The Trend
Miles To Go Drops 30 New Items by I Am The Trend

More cool t-shirt brand news from I Am The Trend. The company Miles To Go has released a massive new fall line as well as restocking some of their older prints. For those who are unfamiliar with Miles To Go’s concept, all the ideas and inspiration for their designs are drawn from various literary works. This new batch features some really great selections from some of the best known classics.

In My Short Sleeve
Ironsea Fall 2011 via In My Short Sleeve

Fall lines are dropping everywhere right now and In My Short Sleeve featured a pretty cool one recently from IronSea Co. This is IronSea’s 2nd offering after their debut line last spring. They have continued doing what they do right and even branched out slightly in some new directions including offering tote bags. Definitely worth a look.

Pop Culture Tees
Dpcted T-Shirts – Funny Text Only Designs by Pop Culture Tees

As Kevin from Pop Culture Tees points out in this post, success in the online t-shirt selling world often depends on having a good niche. Dpcted’s niche is selling amusing, text only designs. The words speak for themselves without other graphics. It’s a cool concept and as long as the t-shirts are witty and original there’s no reason why it shouldn’t take off. [Andy: Please note that there have been numerous reports of people not receiving their orders from DPCTED, I have been in touch with the previous owner of the brand and he says the new owners will be rectifying the situation, but still, buyer beware]

So there you have it, some highlights in the t-shirt blogging world from the last week. I hope you have seen at least a couple of new brands that you find interesting or at least a good handful of amazing new shirts. Please hit me up at @youdesignit on Twitter to let me know if your blog post deserves being featured.

This tee blog roundup was brought to you by Blake from You Design It where they focus on t-shirt design.

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